ANOTHER CONNECTION - MEDIAWAVE Film and Music Gathering is three decades plus one year old. It hasn't just survived the three-times postponed anniversary but we are ready to continue our activities with new ideas and fresh concepts.
How about reforming the classic way of film festivals together?
Submit your film, join our community and enjoy the Gathering in a Hungarian village where you won't find any red carpets but grass and barns and horse carriages to watch films and listen to music from.

Our event is a free spirit artistic and community-oriented festival. We prefer original views independent of fashion streams reflected in films as well as in music and other arts. We tend to establish real communities and connections by announcing and giving place to different actions. Besides screenings, we have jazz, improvised, ethnic, folk concerts and workshops, exhibitions, theatre, and smaller actions. Party is all day long on, spiced with gastronomy and open-air cooking.
Our venue is Kiscsősz, a great countryside place of an active gathering rather than a service-based one.

We accept submissions until 15 January 2022 (in case of theatre trailers until 10 March 2022).

You can send your films in fiction, animation, documentary, experimental film and theatre trailer categories.

The award is an invitation to our Gathering between 5 - 8 May 2022.

Award categories:
Best Short Fiction Film
Best Animation Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Theatre Trailer
Audience Prize
Student Jury Prize

Only through FilmFreeway

- Films/projects and all supporting materials should be submitted entirely online.
- All submissions must be submitted via FilmFreeway. We are unable to consider emailed submissions.
- After initial review, shortlisted projects will then be required to submit missing supporting materials directly to Mediawave.

After the submission (deadline: 15 January 2022), the films will be selected by film professionals.

The winner films in each category will be screened at our Film Festival between 28 April and 1 May 2022. The directors of the selected films will be invited to present their films.

Overall Rating
  • Thiago B. Mendonça

    One of the most beautiful festivals I have ever been to, with the best quality people. And without a doubt the most musical of festivals!

    May 2022
  • Egyedi koncepció, lelkes szervezők, szuper társaság, különleges hangulat. Köszönet és hála a szervezésért, a vendéglátásért és a legjobb televíziós dokumentumfilm díjért.

    May 2022
  • Alexandre de Villeneuve

    Amazing festival, large cinema spectrum !

    May 2022
  • It is happiness to take part in such a festival as yours!

    May 2022
  • Miikka Poutiainen

    Good communication and hospitality. Still I wasn't able to attend.

    May 2022