The MAX Diversity Film Festival (MAXDFF) is a unique event created by the European project MAX - Maxisming Migrants Contribution to Society to provide both amateur and professional filmmakers with a place to showcase their voices, stories and experiences of migration - embracing diversity, discussing challenges, inequalities and discrimination, but also celebrating the power of multiculturalism and communities united in diversity in Europe.

Our goal is to empower individuals with a migrant background and multicultural initiatives to share their voices by telling their experiences in the first person, and to recognise their contribution, work and resilience. We want to enhance the representation of Europe’s cultural and ethnic minorities in the society in which they live and to counterbalance the lack of visibility migrant people often have in the public sphere.

Whether finalists or not, all officially selected filmmakers will have their materials and profile published and disseminated by the MAXDFF platform and the MAX project and consortium media channels.

The participants will have their films evaluated by a select panel of jury members, will receive international visibility and recognition thanks to the promotional campaign carried out by the MAX project, will be invited to participate at the online Ceremony Awards and the winners of each category will be awarded the MAX Award trophy.

This film festival is a unique opportunity to celebrate diversity in Europe, to present previews of films or a selection of movies little known to the public, and, through storytelling, to contribute to the creation of an evidence-based debate and narrative about migration.

MAX is an AMIF-funded project aiming to change public attitudes towards migrants.

Its goal is to improve the public image of migrants in Europe by changing the narrative around the immigration discourse and putting the stories of real people centre stage.

Storytelling, the creation of positive messages for the media and dialogic encounters between locals and newcomers are the key aspects of the project.


- All entries should be sent via FilmFreeway with a screener that will be stored securely

- MAXDFF DOES NOT REQUEST participants to submitted their films materials directly to us but instead, you are kindly asked to send us the LINK where you have uploaded your film, on YouTube or VIMEO

- The link should allow watching the film that is competing in MAXDFF and must be open to the public to be part of the evaluation, voting, award ceremony and public online screening until at least December 31st 2021.

Films must be uploaded in HD, up to 10 GB, .mp4 or .mov format are recommended. We recommend you use the following settings:
Maximum video bitrate: 2200 Kbps, H.264, mp4
Audio: 128 Kbps, AAC, 2 channel stereo
Aspect ratio preserved; video height of 1080 pixels

- All entries must focus on migration stories, topics or issues connected to migrants in the European Union (see section Categories for more information)

- For the purpose of this festival we understand the term migrants as people born outside an EU country, or descendent of parents born outside an EU country, and who currently live in any EU country

- Participants need to be at least 18 years of age

- Films must only be submitted by individuals with the legal right to negotiate the use of the work

- Entries can come from any country in the world as long as they focus on migration stories and realities connected to an EU country (see section Categories for more information) but the stories do not necessarily need to be in that territory, they can also represent the causes and decisions to migrate from the country of origin.

- All films must be in English or with English subtitles.

- Participants may submit any number of entries in any number of categories, but a separate online entry form is required for each

- Entries can include either new films that have not been broadcasted in other festivals before or films that have been broadcasted and/or participated in other festivals in the last 5 years (entries from 2016 to 2021 are eligible)

- Participation is free. No fee will be charged to participants submitting an entry

- Participants need to fill in all the mandatory fields of the submission form and submit their film selecting the category in which they want to participate within the period established for it. Entries received after that period, or not following the submission format, will not be considered

- If selected as a finalist, participants are requested to submit a short video of 1’30’’- 2’30’’ presenting their film to the audience. These videos will be part of the promotional campaign and voting process open to the audience.

- Participants authorised MAXDFF to place their name, image and metadata of the film (title, category, year, synopsis, summary) in the MAX project YouTube Playlist, website, social media and related promotional materials as well as to record them during the MAXDFF award ceremony (see section Contact and Legal notice for more information)


Thank you for participating in the MAX Diversity Film Festival (MAXDFF). We look forward to watching your films! Please read the following carefully.

Submitting your film to the MAXDFF in no way implies any ownership rights by the MAX project over the film submitted. MAXDFF will in no way obtain economic benefits or commercialise the materials received from the participants.

Submitting your film to MAXDDF does not imply that you have been accepted into MAXDFF. Acceptance by the MAXDFF does not guarantee an award or prize. By submitting your film you hereby grant the MAX project and the MAXDFF the right to use your material for promotional purposes in all the activities connected with the MAXDFF.

Participants hereby warrant that they are authorised to commit the film for publication, screening and competition, and understand and accept these requirements.

Participants are solely responsible for obtaining all the necessary rights and permissions for third-party materials included in their film, including but not limited to music, trademarks, logos, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights. The MAXDFF expressly disclaims all liability or responsibility for any violations of the foregoing.

Participants also authorised MAXDFF to place their name, image and metadata of the film (title, category, year, synopsis, summary) in the MAX project YouTube Playlist, website, social media and related promotional materials as well as to record them during the MAXDFF award ceremony.

To be eligible to participate, your film needs to fulfil all the eligibility criteria described in this web site. Films must be original works, or you must have official permission and licence to exhibit someone else's work. If you submit a film with copyrighted or trademarked materials, and you do not have written permission to use them, you are not eligible to screen.

Films can be original or adapted works, but you must have written permission to use copyrighted or trademarked content. Your film must be in English or in any other language but subtitled in English.

Please consider that we do not return any materials submitted. Therefore do not send master copies.

We accept all submissions that fit the eligibility criteria and the goal of the MAXDFF.
MAXDFF will reject and will not screen any film or information that we deem not to be respectful of the principles set out in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, or to be cruel to animals or humans.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the MAX project guarantees the confidentiality and security of the personal data of the participants, which will be used for the sole purpose of the MAX project and MAXDFF activities. MAXDFF will not request from participants any data that is not directly related to the participation, evaluation and award process of the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Nice festival, delighted to be accepted and participating.

    January 2022
  • Leidi Turatti

    An amazing festival, professionally organized and screened in which I had the pleasure of participating with my debut documentary "Brazilians around the world" and winning the Audience Award. Definitely recommend. Thank you!

    January 2022
  • José Luis Aparicio

    Excellent initiative to create awareness about the migrants in Europe. Very happy to participate with my documentary SUEÑOS AL PAIRO / DREAMS ADRIFT.

    December 2021