“MAKE ART NOT WAR Teaser Future Film Festival” aka MANWTFFF is the ONLY Teaser and Crowdfunding festival in the world for film projects.

MANWTFFF compiles exemplary teasers and short scenes from films yet to be completed, featuring artists from all around the world. Creating a crowdfunding campaign to help film projects come to life.
MANWTFFF is proud to strengthen the production, promotion and distribution of films. We are proud to be a platform and community for independent filmmakers to promote and showcase their projects.
MANWTFFF is an Activity of a Nonprofit Organization of the Arts called MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION #MakeArtNotWar. Its mission is to “support original content from artists and creators around the world in Art, Music, Cinema and Television. Focusing on cultural interest projects and freedom of speech initiatives.”

• To participate in the next edition of MANWTFFF, the submission must be received and done via filmfreeway.com before the closing dates mentioned on the platform.
• Projects received after the final deadline will be excluded from the selection process.
• Registration must be completed by the director or the producer of the project.
• Projects submitted must have been done after January 2018.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Festival will have a VIRTUAL and PHYSICAL LOCATION. VIRTUALLY it will be hosted and streamed LIVE on the starting date of the festival on its Facebook Live Page and other affiliated pages. The festival will be available for playback after the live streaming. Viewers will be able to encourage friends on their social media to participate (voting/chipping/sharing). Any FACEBOOK PAGE that is open in joining this movement to share this activity (crossposting), please email natfff.info@gmail.com.
PHYSICALLY it will have several locations around the world that will showcase the festival as many times it wants between the event dates. No entry fee. A list of spaces around the world will be listed soon. Any SPACE that is open in joining this movement to share this activity, please email natfff.info@gmail.com.

MANWTFFF as a Non-Profit Activity of MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION will create a donation button available for anybody to chip in, especially when streaming live the festival on social media. The crowdfunding will end on the last day of the festival. The 85% of the campaign will be given to the Teaser (NOT THE POSTER) that wins the “MANWTFFF Audience Choice Award” of the current year (1). Subject to this project to be produced. Optional donations methods are available on the following site https://www.MAKEARTNOTWARFOUNDATIONfoundation.org/donate. Please make a note by adding #MANWTFFF so we can add it to the Crowdfunding of MANWTFFF current year. All donations made from individuals or organizations from the United States of America are tax-deductible. (1)

Virtually, at the end of the streaming, a GOOGLE FORM will be available for viewers to vote. On the physical location, the HOST will have to explain and provide the GOOGLE FORM link to the physical viewers. All voting systems will be done ONLINE using THE SAME GOOGLE FORM link.
On the GOOGLE FORM, the viewer will agree to have viewed the entire competitive teasers of the festival, to be honestly choosing their favorite teaser, to be voting only once. A valid email and name will be requested for security reasons. Viewers will remain anonymous. Viewers will have an open window to vote up to the last day of the festival. Voting is not mandatory but highly recommended. Any attempt to try to hack the voting system (robotic voting, etc.) will complicate the competitor's chance in participating.
The teaser poster will have a similar voting system. For this year, it will not be part of the crowdfunding.

The audience will participate in the screenings of the films. By doing this it allows them to vote which teaser they would be interested in watching as a finished feature film.
Special invites from the art industry worldwide will be considered and announced to participate as a member(s) of the jury.

• Submission of a Teaser allows the MANWTFFF to exhibit any participant’s material in different distribution platforms in order to promote MANWTFFF, e.g. posters, etc. The images can be used in whole, or in part, during, before or after the festival screening.
• The person completing the application form is responsible for the exhibition of the material and its content.
• Participation in the Festival gives participants the freedom to include the festival logo as part of their teasers during the screening.

The registration of a film means the acceptance and complement of all the terms and conditions established. The comprehension of these terms and conditions and any eventually annexed will be exclusive to the Festival. By submitting your teaser to MANWTFFF via filmfreeway.com, you accept all of these conditions.

MAKE ART NOT WAR Teaser Future Film Festival (MANWTFFF) is organized and supported by the MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to support original content from artists and creators from around the world in art, music, cinema, and television.
MANWTFFF has been running for over 5 years under the name North America Teaser Future Film Festival aka NATFFF. In 5th year edition of 2020, because of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, the Festival changed its name to MANWTFFF, breaking the borders to make a unified community with filmmakers from around the world.

Non-Profit Organization.
Created in Buenos Aires, Based in California.

• “MANWTFFF Audience Choice Award” The most prestigious award of the festival voted by the audience.
• Honorable mentions and other recognition can apply depending on the quality of the selected projects.
• Special Jury recognition.

• Will be updated and announced on our social media and website.

• If physical trophies are handed out in the current year, winners must contact the festival and get their trophy in a period of six months starting from the date the festival ends.
• Crowdoufding payments (1)

• The festival invites Teasers of long feature films including; documentary, animation and experimental genres from ALL AROUND THE WORLD. We understand "teaser" as an audiovisual piece of a maximum duration of two minutes that builds anticipation for a long feature film, series or short film that has not yet been completed or is a "work in progress.” Teasers should provide only fragmentary information of the plot and aesthetic and technical characteristics of what later will become the feature film. We are now accepting teaser posters!
• The projects submitted must have been done after January 2019.
• The duration of each teaser should not exceed two (2) minutes, including titles and end plate.
• Each author can submit up to two teasers.
• If English is not the original language, subtitles in English will be required.
• We only accept submissions via FilmFreeway.com. Do not contact us, or send us your films in any other way.
• Once you submit your teaser/poster teaser to participate in the festival, you accept the following conditions: (a) the festival through its different non-commercial platforms (MAKE ART NOT WAR Teaser Future Film Festival and MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION FOUNDATION) websites, facebook, instagram, cinema, theater, digital, physical, paper prints, for press purposes, promotion of linked events, with the exclusive purpose to promote your work and reach more people; (b) may be part of promotional spots of the festival and / or the foundation; (c) publications and/or live/online streaming, always with proper credit and reference of creators/filmmaker.
• Closing Dates, location and additional information will be updated on social media and on filmfreeway.com. Follow us!
(1) The Crowdfunding remuneration designated to the winner will be managed by MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION, handling a 15% of the total amount. Depending on the type of project awarded and the amount, MAKE ART NOT WAR FOUNDATION will be Co-Producers and Co-Executive Producer of the project and will supervise the activity of how this money will be invested. For example, releasing the money to the filmmaker in production phases (one amount for development, pre-production, production, post-production, distribution).

Website: https://www.MAKEARTNOTWARFOUNDATION.org/festival
FilmFreeway: https://filmfreeway.com/MANWTFFF
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MakeArtNotWarTeaserFutureFilmFestival/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MAKEARTNOTWARFOUNDATION
Instagram @MANWTFFF
Twitter @MANWTFFF2020

Overall Rating
  • Héctor Castillo

    Thank you guys for the opportunity!
    I'm really gad with the festival and hope be part soon with other film

    October 2022
  • Director's resume: Seyed Mehdi Mousavi Shirazi Graduated in cinema directing - director of three short works - This short work was prepared and produced in the last semester of university with the cooperation of students of different fields of cinema. The director of the documentary is the end of the black and white night and the short film

    January 2022
  • Muy buen festival, con buen material filmico

    December 2021
  • Ian Nicolas Paye Jofre

    Gracias por la oportunidad de poder ser parte de este gran festival de teaser's fue una gran experiencia la mejor de mí vida hasta el momento. Gracias por continuar con el festival a pesar del pésimo año que tuvimos como sociedad a raíz de la pandemia. Un festival lleno de oportunidades para los cineastas independientes de todo el mundo, excelente recepción. Todo el tiempo te informan atraves del mail y sus redes lo que va sucediendo en su festival. Felicitaciones a todos.

    December 2021
  • Behzad Yaghmouri

    This year there were two short films at the make art not war festival, it was a good experience for us, very good
    Good luck

    December 2021