Maha - Arogya Film Festival 2022 is a video competition organised by the Public Health Department, Government of Maharashtra.
The Competition will be held in 2 categories: Video Spot (Duration upto 60 seconds) Documentary/Short Films (Duration upto 10 minutes)

Maha - Arogya Film Festival 2022 is a competition to involve community members to make videos in on the mentioned topics,

The Theme of the film can be one of these:
Adolescent Health
Maternal Health
Child Health
Diabetes / Hypertension Stroke
Mental Health
Vector borne disease
Health Education
Fit Maharashtra
Covid-19 Appropriate Behaviour, Vaccination

Cash Prizes will be given for each category as below -
1st prize winner
2nd prize winner
3rd prize winner
Additional Cash prizes for distinguished entries.
Appreciation Certificate for All entries selected for screening.

Award Prize:
1st prize winner: Rs 20,000/-
2nd prize winner: Rs 15,000/-
3rd prize winner: Rs 10,000/-
Distinguished ( Consolation Prizes) : Rs 5,000/- each

1) The contestants can start sending their entries online at the email id: until last date as declared in the notification / advertisements .
2) Maha-Arogya Film Festival is open to all Organizations/Agency/Individuals/Amateurs etc
3) Videos can be made in any language with subtitles/dubbing/para-dubbing in Marathi Language
4) All submitted films will be watched by our selection panel and a final selection list for screening will be released through official email ID and social media.
5) Final ranking and awards will be done by the Juries and organizing committee. The entries will be judged on the basis of their concept, content, presentation, creativity and entertainment value, educational value, and technical quality
6) The award amount will be transferred online by appointed agency as per the details mentioned by the concerned filmmakers during their form submission.
7) The decision of the festival organizing committee under festival director will be final and will be a binding on all participants.
8) No disputes will be entertained.
9) No correspondence regarding award/prizes will be allowed after submission of entries.
10) Videos once submitted will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances.
11) Entries received after last date of submission will not be considered for competition.
12) Entries with Incomplete information will not be considered for screening. Incomplete forms and submissions will be rejected.
13) The final selection of videos will be screened at the event and on the public viewing platforms such as TV, YouTube, or any other social media platform (official handles of IEC Bureau, Public Health Department, Government of Maharashtra) as deemed appropriate by the government authorities with suitable modifications, if necessary.
14) The public health department may also request the makers of these selected videos to add or remove subtitles as per the requirements after the selection process for public service purposes.

Full cooperation from the makers is solicited.

The purpose of this festival is solely to spread awareness. Hence no entry fee is applicable for entering the films.

Film makers can send any number of entries but separate entry form and declaration for each entry is needed along with the submission.

There will be no physical submission of any film (CD/DVD/USB drive of any kind). The films should also not be sent via platforms such as WhatsApp / Facebook. The entries should strictly be sent via emails.

If the viewing of Entries is not possible due to compatibility issue, the entry will not be considered for the contest/competition.

The organizers will not be answerable to anyone for not selecting a particular entry. The organizers reserve the rights to accept / reject any entry without any explanation.
The decision of juries and organizing team will be final and will be binding on the participants. Sending the entry to this competition implies acceptance of all rules.
The code of conduct will have to be strictly followed by the entrants; misbehavior will lead to dis- qualification & legal actions.

People should follow all the central and state government norms while conducting the Shoot.

The film makers and their representatives will use the official logo and the status of their selection or award strictly after confirmation and with written permission from organizer of 'Maha Arogya Film Festival' and they further undertake to use such festival logo in all their promotions, posters and marketing publications with the consent of the festival director.