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September 21 screening -award ceremony sept 22, 2018
Acclaimed and prolific production company Lucky Strike Films is sponsoring an exciting new film festival! Besides giving filmmakers the opportunity to have their movies premiered before enthusiastic audiences, the Lucky Strike Film Festival will also host an awards show, complete with a red carpet event and after party!
In addition to the exposure, the winners for Best Film will also receive a distribution deal through Lucky Strike!
This is a wonderful opportunity for films of all genres and filmmakers of all backgrounds.
We are IMDB Qualify

Other Benefits
the winner will not only get help with distribution deal but will also get their film promoted to millions,

all films that are accepted will get a lot of promotions..

Foreign film
and help with Distribution deal for the Winner of best film
best screenplay get Production deal if a production like the script of course
Best Music Artist or best singer
get a deal to get their song in a movie from Lucky Strike Films Studio LLC

1. Films must be submitted via FilmFreeway.
2. All screenplay entries must be in English.
3. Filmmaker may submit several projects, but each entry must be submitted separately.
4. All fees are non-refundable.
5. Screenwriters retain full rights to their work.

Submission fees
- All required fields through Online platform
- All films must include responses to the following: Synopsis (in English), 2 high resolution stills from the film, full cast and credits list, and an official film poster


- The LSFF accepts films of all genres
- Feature films must be 50 minutes and over in length.
- Short films must be 49 minutes or less in length.
- The LSFF considers all films regardless of commercial, theatrical, or television plays in the US.
- Prior festival screenings are considered.
- World and U.S. premieres are not required.
- All films in a language other than English MUST include subtitles in English for festival screening.
- Works-in-progress will be considered. PLEASE NOTE: Upon acceptance, filmmakers must deliver completed film for festival screening by set deadline.