Lublin Film Festival is a successor and an expansion of the IFF Golden Anteaters. The Festival was created out of its organisers’ passion and undying enthusiasm. That enthusiasm has always been present at the Festival- ever since its first edition in 2007, when it was a local event dedicated for Lublin amateur filmmakers, to this day, when as LFF it became Lublin’s biggest and one of the most important international events in the region that brings together filmmakers and fans of moving pictures from all around the world. The Festival’s idea is the promotion of auteur film evading the mainstream, both short and feature length, as well as creating a space to evolve and meet people from the industry for young authors. It is also important for us that we support the development of the local community’s film culture. The LFF pays a great deal of attention towards the high quality of its film programme while being open to new film trends and creative personas. Every filmmaker creating independent auteur cinema can take part in the Festival – there are no age, geographic, professional or thematic limits.

2017 brought another, traditionally radical, changes: beside the change in the name, which ushers us into a new era of the Festival, we are adding new events to our programme, among others the Lublin Filmmakers Networking Meetings. We believe that thanks to this addition LFF will become a more universal, interesting, bigger and more important Festival both for the authors and the audience.

Awards & Prizes

There are 7 contests for short films:
LITTLE ANTEATERS – films for children (from 6 years old)
MASTERS OF EMOTION - drama and psychological films
MASTERS OF OFFBEAT FILMS – 'crazy' films, nonstandard, eluding classifications
MASTERS OF GENRE – genre films
MASTERS OF OBSERVATION – documentaries, mockumentaries
MASTERS OF THEME - films tackling important social and cultural issues
In each contest there is award: Golden Anteater statuette and diploma. There is also Grand Prix of Short Film Competitions which is Golden Anteater statuette, diploma and cash prize.
There are also Audience Golden Anteater and Krzysztof Szot Award.

There is also contest for feature films:
MASTERS OF FEATURE FILMS – feature films, longer than 60 min.
Award in this contest is also Golden Anteater statuette, diploma and cash prize.

Rules & Terms



1. Lublin Film Festival, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Festival’, organised by Kinoteatr Projekt operating at the Centre for Culture in Lublin, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Organisers’, will take place on 24th November - 2nd December 2017 in the Centre For Culture in Lublin.

2. Centre for Culture in Lublin based in Lublin, ul. Peowiaków 12 is the Festival’s Producer.

3. The Festival is intended for film-makers from all over the world. The aim of the Festival is to promote a film repertoire which is original, daring, appealing to viewers, and at the same time novel in its approach to form and content. The Festival is also engaged in a large-scale educational activity, aimed not only at developing the film-makers' competencies, but also at encouraging aspiring film-makers to improve their skills.


4. During the Festival the following short film contests take place:
Masters of Genre
Films which qualify for the competition are both genre films showing a high level of production techniques and productions de-constructing the genre or adopting a unique approach in this aspect.
Masters of Emotion
Films which qualify for the competition are productions about emotions, addressing difficult issues and evoking strong feelings among the audience.
Masters of Observation
Well-made and formally interesting documentaries qualify for this competition.
Masters of Animation
Formally interesting animations which raise important issues or tell unique stories qualify for this competition.
Little Anteaters
Productions intended for children, evading infantility and presenting a high artistic level qualify for this competition.
Masters of Offbeat Film
Productions which qualify for the competition are film experiments and films whose creators look for new forms of artistic expression in order to convey interesting content.

5. The following feature film competition is also held as part of the Festival:
Masters of Feature Films
Films that qualify for the competition are original full-length feature films produced at a high artistic and technical level.

6. The Organisers reserve the right to change the names of the contests, to create contests additional to the ones listed in sections 4 and 5, and to decide not to hold specific contests (from among the ones listed in sections 4 and 5).


7. The films screened at the Festival are admitted and qualified by the Selection Committee appointed by the Organisers, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Committee’. The Committee assigns the films to the specific contests.


8. The Committee has the right to choose films not qualified to the contests to be shown during the non-competition screenings.


9. A short film is a film whose duration does not exceed 30 minutes (incl. end credits).

10. A full-length film is minimum 60 minutes long (incl. end credits).

11. The film must be produced after 1st January 2015.

12. Films submitted to the previous editions of the Festival will not be included in the selection process.

13. No more than 2 films by the same author may be submitted to the competition.


14. For a film to be accepted for selection it is required to fill in an on-line application form available on the website or to submit via the website - together with required attachments.

15. The applicant is required to provide in the application form a download link for additional materials including:

a) time-coded English subtitles in an .srt format
Example of srt file:
It is acceptable to submit Polish-language films with subtitles embedded in the video as part of picture (so-called hardsubs).

b) at least 2 film screen shots in .jpg format (300dpi)

c) a photo of the director(s) in .jpg format (300dpi)
A film poster in .jpg format is not obligatory, but if the applicant sends it to the Organisers, the poster may be exhibited in the Centre for Culture in Lublin during the Festival.

16. The deadline for submitting the films is 14th April 2017. The films submitted after that date will NOT be taken under consideration in this year's selection.

17. A copy of the film must be uploaded to a streaming server (such as YouTube, Vimeo) chosen by the applicant and be available for the whole duration of the selection process, i.e. until the applicant has been informed of the selection results. Films on DVD, Blu-ray, or any other kind of physical media will not be accepted for the selection process.

18. The applicant may also upload the film to a web server providing that the Organisers will not have to bear the cost of downloading the file. The film file must be uploaded to a server and available for download for the whole duration of the selection process, i.e. until the applicant has been informed of the selection results.

19. The applicant submitting a film must hold all copyrights to it or should be authorised by the copyright owner to submit the film to the Festival. The Organisers do not bear any responsibility for any claims resulting from copyright infringement.


20. The list of the films qualified to the contests will be made available on the Festival’s website after the completion of the Selection Committee’s deliberations. The applicants will be notified by the Organisers about the selection results.

21. Successful applicants will have 14 days after receiving notification of the selection results to deliver the following materials to the Organisers:

- screening copy of the film in QuickTime or mp4 format with H.264 codec used and in a resolution of 720p or preferably 1080p - link for downloading the file sent to or a USB flash drive with the file sent by post/courier to:
Kinoteatr Projekt
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie
ul. Peowiaków 12
20-007 Lublin
with a note "LFF"

22. The abovementioned storage media become the property of the Organisers and will not be returned.

23. Failing to deliver the materials listed in section 21 may result in film’s disqualification from the Festival.

24. The Organisers will provide at least two free overnight stays for the film author during the Festival. At the request of the author the Organisers can provide additional overnight stays for max. one additional film crew member. The requests for additional overnight stay will be granted on a first come first served basis. The number of granted overnight stays will depend on the availability of accommodation.

25. The Organisers do not cover or refund the expenses of travel to Lublin.

26. The Organisers provide all Festival’s participants with the possibility of free participation in all of the Festival’s workshops.

27. The applicants under 18 must supply the Organisers with their parents’ or guardians’ consent to enter the Festival. Additionally, they must appoint a guardian (over 18 years old) to accompany them at the Festival.


28. Films qualified for the short film contests are judged and awarded by the Jury appointed by the Organisers from among the distinguished representatives of the film world.

29. For each short film contest one film will be awarded. The winner of each of the abovementioned contests will receive a Golden Anteater statuette. The Jury may also award honourable mention(s). The Honourable Mention laureates receive a certificate of distinction, not a statuette.

30. From the films taking part in all short film contests the Jury will choose one to be awarded the Short Film Contests Grand Prix. The director of the awarded film, apart from the statuette and the certificate, will also receive a cash prize.

31. In the Masters of Feature Film contest the Grand Prix will be awarded by a separate Audience Jury appointed by the Organisers, selected earlier by competition. The director of the awarded film, apart from the statuette and the certificate, will also receive a cash prize.

32. Additionally, a special Audience Golden Anteater will be awarded after a vote (the audience can vote for films from all contests).

33. The Organisers will also choose a film to be awarded the Krzysztof Szot Award.

34. The prerequisite for receiving a Golden Anteater statuette is presence at the Gala. Otherwise, only the certificate will be sent to the laureate. The statuette can be collected personally or by an appointed person at the Organisers' office within three months from the ending of the Festival, after arranging the date of collection with the Organisers.

35. The authors of awarded films not able to participate in the Gala must send to a short (max. 30 seconds) video of appreciation for the award.

36. The Organisers reserve the right to add or change the categories of the awards.


37. By entering the LFF Contests, the applicant agrees to the following:

a) free film screenings at the Festival and Festival’s replicas. The festival does not pay screening fees for the films selected for the programme,
b) a free-of-charge screening of the film’s fragments for LFF marketing and publicity purposes, including television and the Internet,
c) the translation of the dialogue list into Polish and film screenings with Polish subtitles (applies to non-Polish films).

38. By entering the LFF Contests, the author consents to have his/her personal data processed for the contests purposes (in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection, Journal of Laws, No. 133, Item 833).

39. By entering the LFF Contests, the applicant agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
40. The Organisers are allowed to depart from some of these regulations in justified cases.

41. Should any dispute arise as to the interpretation of these regulations, only the Organisers of the Lublin Film Festival 2017 have the authority to make a decision.