The Louisiana LGBT Film Festival seeks to hear voices from all members of the LGBT Community and allies. We want to hear YOUR voice, see things through YOUR lens.

Seeing the world through the lens of awareness, acceptance, love, and empowerment...

Thank you for being with us in our fourth year! We have had some amazing live and virtual events and looking forward to making dreams come true in 2022.

We began on June 28th 2019 - Fifty years after the first Stonewall riots, to give a voice to filmmakers who felt they didn't belong in the mainstream. We honour filmmaker and trans activist Chloe- Deloach Davis who took her own life after relentless abuse.

Every year we bring honour to those who live with love in their hearts.

Thank you for being here - you are not alone.

Keep up to date by giving our FB page a thumbs UP! Always sharing memes, film jobs throughout the south, and info on classes!

Must be created by or have subject matter pertaining to the LGBTQIA Community

1. Youth filmmaker Award - created by high school age students

2. University Student filmmakers - Open to all filmmakers who created their films while pursuing a higher degree.

3. Louisiana University Filmmaker

4. TransVideo Filmmaker -Transgender filmmaker in the major production role: written, produced, directed etc.

5. Best Louisiana produced film: created by filmmakers from or within Louisiana in a major production role.

6. Best "BreakOut" Feature Film - Any feature film without a major distribution agreement.

7. Best Music Video

8. Best written work- screenplay, poetry, short story

9. Best Documentary Film

10. Best Documentary Short

11. Best Narrative Short

12. Best Story Told Through Photo - One photo... that tells a story.

​13. Photo/ Modeling

Rules & Terms:

Must be relating to LGBTQIA community and allies. Human rights films also accepted. Accepting submissions worldwide, we want to hear YOUR voice.

The fine print: Films will be showcased via Facebook etc. We usually give audiences a week to view, then take down all links, so as not to interfere with distribution contracts etc.

Thank you!

Must be relating to LGBTQIA community and allies. Human rights films also accepted. Accepting submissions worldwide, we want to hear YOUR voice.

Overall Rating
  • Winton Holmes

    We were delighted that "Rainbow Voices of Aotearoa New Zealand" was a finalist in the Festival. The festival organisers were wonderful to work with and it was fabulous for the film be in an on-line festival, safe for everyone. It was great that the voices captured in the film have had resonance for this audience in Louisiana and beyond.

    August 2020
  • Alex Preston

    We were so pleased to have our film The Last Gift selected for the 2020 Louisiana LGBT+ Film Festival. Thank you for the experience!

    August 2020
  • EDITED: I was honoured to be selected as a winner for this festival. Unfortunately, I feel I do have to be honest that there was a pretty serious misstep on their part, and they posted my film DIRECTLY to Facebook due to a last minute quarantine decision. Though they did email requesting links to vimeo and offering password protection if we wanted (and I replied accordingly) they actually downloaded my film and REUPLOADED the entire thing on Facebook. This is frankly a little horrific because anything uploaded directly to Facebook, they then have permission to use.

    Unfortunately this experience felt extremely unprofessional and really impacted my experience with this festival. On the bright side, I did contact them immediately, and they responded to me relatively quickly, and rectified the problem within 24 hours. There was no explanation or apology, which I found a little disheartening, but they were polite and quick, which definitely helped. It's a shame they didn't post the results and category winners etc onto their website, which I think would have been a lot more professional, but overall, I still appreciate the recognition and effort put forth by this festival. I will consider submitting again in the future. Thanks to the festival team!

    July 2020
  • Richard E Haywood

    Can't wait to submit to next year.

    July 2020
  • Hicran AKAALP

    It is an honor to have our work " harmony" selected. Thanks

    July 2020