Welcome to the International Los Angeles Television, Script and Film Festival. We know how hard it is to get out there and be noticed. That's why we're here to help. We are looking for filmmakers and screenwriters with visionary ideas. We screen local, national, and international films. Filmmakers and writers have an opportunity to meet industry specialists, other filmmakers, and talk with an audience at Q and A sessions. Finally, enjoy an Awards Ceremony with Red Carpet.

1st Place WINNER will receive $500 in GIFTS from festivals sponsors + GOLDEN TROPHY for the BEST OF THE FESTIVAL + Festival Certificate.
2nd Place Winner will get gifts from sponsors + Festival Certificate.
3rd Place Winner will get gifts from sponsors + Festival Certificate.
Audience Best Winner will get gifts from sponsors + Festival Certificate.
All selected filmmakers and screenwriters will get All Films Pass for two guests.

1) Your film or video must be produced after 2011 to qualify.
2) Scripts (produced or not produced). Not older than 10 years.
3) Your script must be never produced.
4) No porn content.
5) Make sure to enter under the correct category.
6) Do not send discs. The online screener is good enough.
7) Do not send any discs or files to us. Online materials are good enough for now.
8) We do not accept "work in progress" versions.
9) No premiere status is required.
10) We select and screen around 20-30 films a year. If you are selected we'll ask you for a copy of the film and permission to use 30-60 seconds of it for festival trailer.

Overall Rating
  • This was a fun festival! The emails I received were warm and professional. Would have liked a bit more information up front about how, when, where people vote and would have liked to see how many votes I actually received.
    It was a pleasure to be selected to be a part of this festival!

    February 2021
  • Katt Gilcrease

    This has been a fun festival. Being online allowed folks who hadn’t seen the work of these filmmakers to be enjoyed and then participate as voters. So glad to be a part of the festival. Our folks enjoyed the format , the films and I was super happy with communication. Hope to enjoy more of the festivals to come. And would certainly like to attend the future festivals when the world is right side up again.
    Thank you so much for choosing our film. It’s is so appreciated to have our work reviewed by your team and put out there to be seen and hopefully enjoyed by the public. Those chances are rare. Thank you so much.

    Katt Gilcrease
    Third Base

    February 2021
  • Overall welcoming, and great showcase of films/talents.

    October 2019
  • Carolyn Coal

    Programmers are very concerned about the filmmaker's success. Sweet awards and friendly networking.

    July 2019
  • Christian Schuster

    Great experience. Thanks for the award!

    June 2019