#3rd edition opens on January 1st, 2018.
Winner of the 1st LAPA is Robin Yong, with FLOWERS OF ETHIOPIA. Finalist-Second Place is Bart Slawinski with THE SHARK'S TOOTH.
The 1st LAPA selected 6 stills for its inaugural edition. These 6 photographs have been sent to our 3 international Judges and we will share the results as soon as all the votes have been cast.
The #2nd LAPA has its current finalists listed here :

The winners will benefit from the full Talent Factory network and their work will be shown during various events. The venues and dates listed are subject to change : winners will be informed.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any question.


Catch a Frame.

The Los Angeles Photography Awards is searching for the new generation of photographers and image visionaries, regardless of their amateur or professional status. Participate in up to 5 different categories and be a winner of the LAPL Los Angeles Photography Awards

The selection will go through semi-finals and finals, depending on the choices of our Judges.

Winners will be exposed in the Los Angeles county.

We offer 5 categories available for entries :
Competition with a theme
The THEME of the 1st edition is "Super Heroes", in any sense you perceive or want to show it.
Competition with no theme
The freedom to submit the picture you wan, free from any theme : this is the Free Style category.
The pictures you post on Instagram may be worhty of more exposure. Take the shot.
Yes, we have a selfie category. Because if you think of it, we could have named it self portrait.
Any picture you want to submit that you feel does not belong to any other category, or that shows something unusual, or punk, or vintage… That in any sense you feel its message fits not the everyday box we live in.

The LAPA is run by The Talent Factory (check Being part of such a network gives you access to first class Judges, several events during the year, and multiple networks to promote your work.


First exhibition (Winners until December 2017 included) @ The French Alliance of Pasadena, Jan 26, full day.

Second exhibition (Winners from January to March 2018 included) @ Studio City (venue TBC), vey beginning of May 2018.


We will list on our website the semi-finalists, finalists and winners.
Winners got the Gold Certification, Silver and Bronze certifications will go to finalists and / or semi-finalists depending on the submissions.

*** Best photographer - responding to the SuperHeroe theme
*** Best photography - still submitted to the Free Style / no theme category
*** Best photographer - for an Insta Moment
*** Best selfie
*** Best photographer - responding to the Outside The Box category

Winners will be granted :

*** IRL rotating public exhibition in different venues : the French Alliance of Pasadena and the Two Roads Theater in Studio City are confirmed. More venues may be added like : Colorado Studio, ArtNight Pasadena 2018, and the Echo Park Film Center (morevenues to come).
*** IRL digital exhibition at the Talent Factory annual event
*** A certification as one the best of our selection : Gold / Silver / Bronze label
*** An invitation to the Award night at the Talent Factory annual event on May 4th, 2018.
*** An online permanent exhibition on our website
*** To feature on our Instagram gallery

Winners will be exposed in the Los Angeles County.

Other prizes may include :
software, gifts from partners, membership, discounts to other networking opportunities, coupons and more.

Each submission is one picture, only.
Any format, any genre, style…
We do not accept series.

Each submission must come with :
- a title
- the author’s name
- the author’s country
- an author’s statement / or presentation note / or Letter of intent : with a minimum of 5 lines and a maximum of 20 lines.

You have to be the author of the picture. If you are an agent or a representative, you must specify it in the credits section in your project profile.

Amateurs and professionnals are accepted, any device is accepted : we choose to focus on the quality of your work, not your status or the camera you used.

By submitting your give your express authorisation to the festival and its managing entities and its direct partners to show, showcase, exhibit your submitted work with no limitation, via any network, digital or print, for all non commercial purposes.

Some Editing is acceptable.
No Pornography, nude accepted.
Religion themes must be presented with a factual or artistic approach.
The management reserve itself the right to disqualify any submission that would be considered unethical, aggressive or non respectful.

Submissions are done online only.

My Insta Moment :
Any photo but NO selfies in this category.
Any photo previously published on Instagram is eligible.
Here it is your moment, your talent, captured for Instagram. It can resonates way more than just on Instagram.
Free Style / No theme :
You can submit here any photo you want, with no limitation of theme, or category. If you submit a selfie for exemple, we will requalify your picture into the selfie category.
My Selfie :
Selfie is the new portrait. Can your selfie be the best of all ? We’ll take a look at you…
Outside the box :
maybe a wild picture, an unexpected framing, a sensationnal landscape… Everything that you think fits no into, but outside the box of our daily lives.
Super Heroes / Theme of the edition
It is the theme of the edition. It is not mandatory, but we are looking for frames matching this universe. Super Heroes can be understood in any sense you perceive or want to show it. It may be your father, a public, fictionnal or mythical figure, any object or living entity or idea you would like to picture.