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Logcinema.com will hold its first film festival with an important focus on music. Musical films, films with a soundtrack very integrated to the plot, documentaries on music or biographies of musicians, music clips and especially will award a special award of the jury to the best in jazz and classical music and a prize for the best original song.

The event will take place at Claudia Cogo Galería de Arte, San Martín 960, Buenos Aires.

Best Musical Feature
Best film soundtrack on any subject
Best Original Song
Best documentary about music
Best biography of someone related to music.
Best shot of a concert
Best music video
Best Jazz Music Video
Best classical music video
Best dance or choreography filmed
Best direction
Best Photography
Better sound effects
Better edition.

Assorted Jury awards for musicians and singers on categories like, classical, jazz, tamgo and pop.

Films made after 2019

Overall Rating
  • Adilson Ruiz

    We were very happy with the recognition of our work by the jury of this important musical film festival, which graced us with the Official Selection of our film "Classics in Brazilian Choro - The Movie" in its eighth edition in 2022.

    November 2022
  • Danza Restless

    Hi Guys!
    Thank you very much for the nomination, wish you the best of luck.

    August 2022
  • I was thrilled to have two of The Pandemic Dances films selected for the festival! Thank you so much!

    January 2022
  • We are thankful that our documentary film, Lightning in a Bottle: A Festival Story, was an official selection to your festival. Thank you for the recognition!

    January 2022
  • carlo luglio

    we are very enjoy to be selected in this selection in Miami. And we'llbe very proud to hear further news about te festival end about us. Allour best wishes!!!

    January 2022