ALBERTA filmmakers only festival

Local Heroes Film Festival is a presentation by the Edmonton Short Film Festival.

Our goal is get Alberta short films in front of as many people as possible! This new festival offers Alberta filmmakers the opportunity to share their short films (up to 30 minutes) at free community events throughout the province. Special community events celebrate content created by or with an emphasis on BIPOC, Women, Pride and Family.

We accept films of any creation date and genre (including web series, trailers, commercials, music videos and more)!

Your ONE-TIME submission to Local Heroes gives you the potential opportunity to have your film screened for the next five years at one or more community event.

Screening fees are paid to the filmmaker every time a film is selected for screening at a community event.

All films must be "Alberta" films (written, directed, produced, or other key creative or lead performer must be Albertan). The films do NOT need to be filmed in Alberta (e.g., an Alberta-based director may be at Vancouver Film School when they created their short film).

Submitted films may be selected for more than one community screening. The number of opportunities to be screened will vary depending on our community partnerships and venue availability (for example, in 2022 we had16 screening days; in 2021, we had 10 screening days).

We request that films be kept available for five years from the submission date to allow us the most possible opportunities to have the film shared at our events.