Festival's main film event and showing its "In Competition Programme" takes place annually in LJUBLJANA, colorful capital of Slovenia, as well as in other Slovenian cities in June;

LISFF – EUROPANORAMA is an independent short films festival working outside the system to create new DIY film and cinema events, film screenings, initatives and creative platforms that break the boundaries of film and video.


LISFF-EUROPANORAMA is a socially engaged film festival, international short films promotion event, non-commercial film education platform and moving cinema initiative for all;

It is a people for people film festival that celebrates short films, culture, art, media and cinema and does not follow mainstreams in film and cinema industries;


Festival presents annually around 100 short films (animation, fiction, documentary, experiment, music) from all over Europe and the world and organizes meetings, networkings opportunities, focus sections, talks, international promotion events and other creative performances (concerts, exhibitions, arts shows) in support to developments of film and cinema cultures.

»The films which were shown in the opening of this festival were wonderful. I recommend everybody to join us and watch a new experience and thoughts, that we all are in need. Don't be hesitant to be there. Short films are just as like as short free lessons that give us some solutions and replies that we had searched for them.« Ljubljana International Short Film Festival - EUROPANORAMA on tour in Beirut (Lebanon), Audience Comment, A-h.F., Beirut©TRANSIT FILM BAZAAR

Ljubljana International Short Film Festival (LISFF) - EURORANORAMA follows the spirit of first public screening of short films in Grand Cafe in Paris in 1895. It represents the opportunity to meet and watch films, while public attendance is not limited by time.

As for the short films themselves, LISFF - EUROPANORAMA moves beyond the conventional frames and borders. It is first trans-national festival with independent "Non-Competitive" educational short films screenings across whole Europe from Norway via Slovenia to Macedonia and beyond all-year-round.

Since 2009, it has been taking place annually in Ljubljana (Slovenia). As it is a non-commercial festival, entrance for audiences is free of charge (film education). All of the films are screened with English subtitles.

LISFF - EUROPANORAMA is the very 1st travelling international short films festival event across Europe running since 2009.

Festival offers a range of fiction, documentary, experimental and animation films screenings.

In cooperation with art house cinemas, cinematheques, culture venues and film clubs EUROPANORAMA travels around whole Europe and organizes film education events and short films screenings for wide international audiences in cities such as Tampere, Belgrade, Budapest, Graz, Vienna, Helsinki, Oslo, Munich, Skopje, Riga, Tirana, Prishtina, Reykjavik, Zagreb, Podgorica, Riga, Tallinn and beyond...

LISFF - EUROPANORAMA is the most colourful, spontaneous and independent and socially engaged film/cinema/festival event in Slovenia and in the whole European region promoting short films, film education, human rights and gender equality in film and cinema.

We organize films screenings indoors in cinemas as well as open-air screenings in parks, cafes and other outdoors public spaces;

You are sincerely welcome to join us and take this unique opportunity to promote your short film across whole Europe in frame of Ljubljana International Short Film Festival - EUROPANORAMA festival events and screenings.

LISFF-EUROPANORAMA organizes meetings of cinema, culture and arts for everybody and for all generations all year-round in different European cities & beyond;

We are the only film festival in SLOVENIA and in the whole region that does not follow political censorships and commercial mainstreams in film, cinema, arts and culture;

"The festival promotes non-commercial and independent fiction, documentary, experimental and animated short films and realises its programme and its international projects in a solid DIY (do it yourself) manner. The entrance to all of the screenings is free of charge. The festival, which took off in 2009, is involved in a network of art cinemas, cinematheques and film clubs from Oslo to Tirana and Beirut.

The festival acquired its international, travelling nature in 2010, when it co-produced events like Graz Short Film Night. Later, it established the Balkan Film Bazaar vehicle, which showcased a selection of Ex-Yugoslavian short films (gathered for the Ljubljana edition) in the cities of Graz, Oslo and Helsinki." /https://www.culture.si/en/Ljubljana_International_Short_Film_Festival/

The main festival award is "EUROPANORAMA award" for the best short film; TBA

Short films of all genres (animation, fiction, documentary, experiment, music) under 30 minutes will be considered.

We accept short films productions from all EU and European countries as well as other countries from all over the world, produced after 2019.

Authors/Producers/Filmmakers certify and confirm they have all rights for their films.

We accept digital screeners in .MP4 or .MOV files ready and prepared for cinema screenings submitted to us via links such as Vimeo, Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar.

All films must be submitted with English subtitles and ready for professional cinema screenings;

Ljubljana International Short Film Festival – EUROPANORAMA will take place in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Graz (Austria), Riga (Latvia) and Zagreb (Croatia) and other cities across Europe;

Submission fees cannot be refunded back. LISFF - EUROPANORAMA is under no obligation to refund the submission fee.

If selected, the filmmakers agree to public screenings of film at the festival during the festival's events at all venues;

Festival is non-commercial, all screenings are free of charge to audiences.

Payment of the non-refundable entry fee of short film to the festival must accompany every submission.