Link International Film Festival is an international competitive cultural event that serves to inspire and connect filmmakers and audiences throughout the region and beyond. It is a cultural expression that aspires to unite through ideas and ideals, diversifying minds, promoting understanding, and cultivating compassion and camaraderie among people regardless of their differences.

Link International Film Festival selects and honours films in short form categories, live action and animation.

• Best International Short Film
• Best UK Short Film
• Best Western Europe Short Film
• Best Eastern Europe Short Film
• Best North American Short Film
• Best Latin America Short Film
• Best Oceania Short Film
• Best Caribbean Short Film
• Best African Short Film
• Best Middle East Short Film
• Best Asian Short Film
• Best Animated Short Film


• Live-action or Animation
• Documentary films NOT ACCEPTED
• 20 minutes or shorter


Films submitted to Link International Film Festival are judged on their artistic merit and technical quality. Each submitted film goes through a careful judging process and in three stages:

Stage One

Team members of the Link International Film Festival watch all the entries and upgrade the status of all good films to The Finalist.

Stage Two

A Special Select Committee of at least three members rate The Finalist films and according to their quality and the availability upgrade the status to Official Selection.

Stage Three

At least three Film Juries rate the Official Selected Films and cast their votes to nominate films for the Link International Film Festival Awards.


Please read carefully the Submission points and proceed accordingly.

• Submissions must be in Full HD (1920 x 1980) or HDV (1280 x 720)
• All submitted films should be not more than 5 years old by July 2020.
• All films must have English subtitles (.SRT) or burned.
• We accept films that have been shown at other festivals.
• We cannot accept films made by anyone connected with the festival committee or members of the staff.
• The judging panel is entirely independent of the festival committee and their decision is final.
• The festival reserves the right to use brief clips, 10% or shorter, from the selected films to promote the festival on media and other related promotions.
• Entrants shall inform the festival of any changes to contact details.
• Submit via
• Send us a downloadable link such as or any similar longer period files.


Please send the following when your film has been selected and you have been notified:

• Downloadable link of your movie
• Movie Trailer or a Movie Clip
• Film synopsis
• Director’s info: Biography and a picture
• At least three high quality film images
• High quality movie poster


• Submission to Link International Film Festival constitutes agreement to all Rules & Terms contained in this page and your consent that your film be considered for any awards that may be given at the Festival.
• Submission also certifies that all film and music rights and clearances have been obtained.
• By submitting, you agree not to withdraw your film from Link International Film Festival after the film has been accepted.

Overall Rating
  • Joaquim Haickel

    Foi maravilhoso saber que nosso filme foi selecionado para este importante festival!...

    September 2020
  • Very good festival. Quick and excellent communication. Very honored for the Holestepper selection and that it has competed with very high quality films. Highly recommended.

    August 2020
  • Pedro Jaen R.

    Very good festival! Interesting content. You help greatly to promote new films and authors.

    July 2019
  • Harvan Agustriansyah

    Great Festival! Thank you for having my short film on this film festival.. All the best for all festival staff.

    August 2018
  • Sa'ed Arouri

    Great that we take a Semi-Finalist in the festival with great communications with us

    August 2018