Everything we observe in the world is the result and derivative of someone's thoughts and images. Every object of the material and intangible world, every event has its creator. There is him in every book, in cups, cars, toys, etc. There are creators of festivals, movies, games, and various holidays.
There are creators of revolutions, pandemics, various crimes and wars.
People in creative professions have a special mission and responsibility. Writers, artists, poets, singers, screenwriters, directors, and actors create and bring into the world images.
These are The images that later affect people, and determine their patterns of behavior, habits, and manners. The initial thought is followed by the materialization of the thought.
For a long time, it was believed that art reflects reality. But it also shapes it.
A prime example of it was an advertisement, "The Plight of Young Werther" that caused the mass suicides of young men and women.
Fantastic stories from the past, military actions, and apocalypse movies made 10-15 years ago have already become our reality. And looking at the future that is shown to us on TV screens, it is scary to have children.

Film Festival of Happy scenarios of the future "Let there be Goodness" calls on all conscious Creators worldwide to create life-changing images of a happy future for our planet. About the future that tomorrow will become our reality:
- Where all the children of the Earth have a peaceful blue sky;
- Where love, mutual respect, and abundance in everything reign in every family;
- Where the Earth has recovered from the technocratic wounds of humanity. Where beautiful food forests grow, where all waters are clear.

What world do we want to live in?
It depends only on our thoughts, images, and actions.

Submit your films, music videos, animated images of Happy Future, and paths to it in the present.
We are waiting for your inspirational video stories of successful solutions to existing problems in society.

The Film Festival "Let there be Goodness!" aims to become a platform for the creation and promotion of films in the context of a happy, healthy and peaceful future for all. As well as showing bright ways and solutions to existing problems in society today.
"Let there be Goodness!" - People's Film Festival of New Dawn Cinema.
The organizers of the Film Festival are the NGO "Cedars of Ukraine" and residents of the kin domains of Ukraine.

Purpose & Objectives of the Film Festival
- To contribute to the creation of films that are significant for all of humanity, bearing images of a healthy, happy, peaceful future for all, as well as bright ways and solutions to existing problems in society.
- To become a platform for professional communication between filmmakers and creators of light images - artists, poets, composers, and bards to create life-affirming dawn films.
- Contribution to the restoration of peace on the planet and improvement of the general habitat through vibrant, powerful film images.
- The emergence and popularization of new dawn cinematography.
- Identifying and supporting talent.

Priority themes of the Film Festival
- Healthy lifestyle
- Restoring peace on Earth
- Cleansing the planet and restoring natural resources
- Building strong loving families
- Soft childbirth and conscious conception
- Education with love and respect for children
- Kindness and humanity of actions
- Family estates

Time and place
Participating films are posted and permanently stored in the public domain on the YouTube channel of the Film Festival "Let there be Goodness!" for a wide audience.
Upon request and agreement with the director, the film selected for the Film Festival program can only be shown at offline screenings of the Film Festival "Let there be Goodness". The director of the film must inform the organizers of the Film Festival about this in writing.

The award ceremony will take place on June 25, 2023, in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The main award is a unique crystal figurine of the Film Festival "Let there de Goodness" with pine nuts of a mighty 500-year-old cedar sealed in it.
The winners also receive valuable prizes from the residents of the family estates of Ukraine at the Film Festival fair.
The monetary reward for the strongest inspiring image goes to the winners of the public financial vote.

People's financial voting for the most powerful, inspiring film image takes place in the electronic Catalog of the film festival and begins from the moment the first selected work is placed in it. 80% of the collected funds for each film are transferred to the author of the work, provided that the film collects an amount of $100 or more, excluding bank fees. With collections of less than $100, the collected funds are sent to the organizing fund of the film festival.

The following categories of films are accepted for participation in the Competition Program, which carries images of a peaceful, healthy, and happy future for everyone and bright solutions to existing problems in society:
the whole length;
children's films (made by children)

To submit a film, you must own the rights to it or have the appropriate permission from the copyright holder.

Requirements for applications for participation in the competition
1. Codec (mostly) H.264, container - MP4, MPEG, MOV. Video resolution is mainly 1920×1080 (Full HD), 1080 p. Sound frequency from 16 kHz and above.
2. There are no restrictions on the date of manufacture.
3. Each work must have signatures: be sure to indicate the names and surnames of all participants in the project (including those involved), the author of the music, and the date of manufacture.
4. If the film passes the selection of the Film Festival and gets into the final, the author sends the text of subtitles in English, and Ukrainian, if they were not yet available at the time of submission of the work.

By submitting a film to the Film Festival, the author automatically consents to the placement of his work for open online viewing on the YouTube channel of the Film Festival “Let there be Good!”.
Upon request and agreement with the director, the film selected for the Film Festival program can only be shown at offline screenings of the Film Festival. The director of the film must inform the organizers of the Film Festival about this in writing.

The Film Festival has the right to use the materials submitted by the participants, as well as excerpts from films up to 10% of the total duration, for the purpose of advertising the Film Festival on the Internet.
After the end of the Film Festival, the works remain on the YouTube channel of the Film Festival for public viewing and can be used in post-festival offline screenings of the Film Festival.

Usage rights
12.1. The participant declares and warrants that he is the owner of all rights to use the film, necessary for the submission and use of the film as part of participation in the International Film Festival "Scenarios for a happy future" "Let there be Good!".
The organizers of the Film Festival reserve the right to ask the participant for appropriate confirmation of these rights and to reject the application in case of failure to provide the necessary documents.
12.2. The Participant guarantees that the use of the film under this agreement does not violate the rights of third parties, including those depicted in the film.
12.3. Submission of an application means the participant's consent to all the proposed Rules of the International Film Festival of Happy Future Scenarios "Let there be Good!".

If you have any questions, please contact us at happy.films.fest@gmail.com

Overall Rating
  • Ірина Кривой

    Dear Ms. Tatyana!
    I am infinitely happy to take part in such a bright, kind and sincere project of creating the best future of the earth. Your contribution is not appreciated, and bright intentions attract bright souls to create the Earth of the future. Let everything that is embodied on the screen become the best reality for each of us. I wish creative inspiration, achievement of new goals, and fulfillment of all dreams!!!
    Sincerely, Iryna Kryvoi

    July 2023
  • Luciano D. Urietti

    Good morning.
    Thanks to you for the opportunity given to me.
    Your festival always deserves greater success.
    Good job.

    Luciano D. Urietti.

    July 2023
  • Hi dear sir/madam i would like to thank you for what you have done, you are really doing a great job i know how much you spend time for this beautiful Festival.

    March 2022
  • Serena Jansen

    Dear Tatjana and the rest of the festival team, I'm very glad my music video won the public's prize and that I saw a chance to come to your festival. I was received with so much hospitality and cordiality that I'm certainly trying to come again next year(-: Besides the festival day with the spectacle and the wonderful eco-fair I very much enjoyed the excursion to the kin domains. Thank you for this great experience!
    Serena Jansen, Netherlands

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Dear Serena,
    Thank you for this wonderful review!
    We are very happy that you were able to attend all our events on both days. It was an honour for us to meet and host you! We wish you new wonderful works and look forward to a new meeting next season!
    Yours sincerely,
    Tatiana and Film festival team

  • Andrew Posse Diaz

    para nosotros fue un honor haber podido mostrar lo importante que es la ayuda del ejército nacional de colombia y poder desmentir tanta información falsa que se dice del ejército afuera de colombia

    October 2021
    Response from festival:

    Estimado Andrew!
    Gracias por sus comentarios positivos. Estamos muy contentos de haber podido familiarizarnos con su película, que contiene información tan importante.
    Esperamos ver más de sus películas en las nuevas temporadas.

    Todo lo mejor,
    Equipo del festival