Join Scotland's new event for films & discussions that spark green ideas and actions.

LandxSea is a new environmental film festival based in the vibrant coastal town of Montrose which will launch in September 2023 with an inspiring weekend of new environmental films, guests, discussions, and special events. Our programme explores the intricate connections between land and the sea, presenting diverse perspectives on coastal cultures from Scotland and beyond. The festival will be held at The Montrose Playhouse, a community-owned, state-of-the-art multi-screen cinema & arts venue that opened in 2021.

We seek filmmakers who passionately spotlight environmental issues and inspire change through compelling narratives, documentaries, and animations. LandxSea is your platform to connect with an audience ready to engage with your work and champion environmental stewardship. Join us in the vibrant coastal town of Montrose, where the land meets the sea, to inspire and be inspired.


We welcome productions focusing on environmental topics, particularly those that explore the relationship between land and sea or coastal cultures. Our spotlight is on stories that represent diverse communities and environmental justice. We are eager to showcase films with strong female leads and indigenous cultures from around the globe that are spearheading climate initiatives. Stories presenting innovative economic models are also of great interest.

Topical areas include but are not limited to:

- Climate Action
- Coastal Cultures
- Environmental Justice
- Energy Transition
- Healthy Food Systems
- Oceans & Rivers
- Outdoor Activities
- Sustainable Living
- Wildlife Conservation
- Youth Activism

All submissions should adhere to the following:
- Completed after January 1, 2021.
- Dialogue in English or accompanied by English subtitles.
- There are no restrictions on length or genre: documentaries, narratives, animations, features, shorts, student works, etc. are welcome. Feature films are considered to be 50 minutes or over.
- Films at the 'work-in-progress' stage may be entered, clearly noting what is incomplete or subject to change.
- Multiple entries are permissible with each submission accompanied by its own entry form and fee.
- Youth Filmmakers (age 21 and under) can submit for free!

All entrants will receive notification by July 31.

Selected films must be provided in one of the following formats for screening at the LandxSea Film Fest: DCP or QuickTime file (ProRes, H264).

The responsibility for shipping your film materials to Montrose for Festival screening rests with you. LandxSea will cover the cost of return or forward shipping.


1. LandxSea retains the discretion to determine the eligibility of any project submitted.
2. All submitted materials will become the property of LandxSea for internal use and archiving.
3. If your film is accepted, you are responsible for providing one of the prescribed presentation formats: DCP or QuickTime file (ProRes, H264). You agree to bear the cost of shipping these materials to Montrose for Festival screening. LandxSea will take care of the return or forward shipping.
4. By submitting a film, you confirm that all necessary rights and clearances have been obtained, any copyrighted material included in the work has been legally cleared for use, and that LandxSea bears no responsibility for any copyright infringement resulting from public screenings.
5. Submission of a film grants LandxSea the right to copy any submitted material and use images and trailers for non-commercial purposes. This may include featuring a clip from any accepted film in a radio or TV program or in a festival trailer for LandxSea Film Fest.
6. While every effort will be made to safeguard all submitted materials, LandxSea cannot be held responsible in the event of loss or damage.
7. By submitting a film, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the General Rules and Terms & Conditions of the LandxSea Film Fest.