The Lake Charles Film Festival is an annual event founded to bring the very best of independent film and video, screenplays and music to Calcasieu Parish (in Southwest Louisiana.) It was also founded to spotlight and award the achievements of the filmmakers, writers and musicians behind these awesome projects. 2 days of independent film screenings, seminars & workshops on filmmaking, acting, and screenwriting, celebrity appearances, parties, cajun food, live music, and much more!
We also have a unique award trophy called the "Scallywag" award. Does your film or screenplay have what it takes to bring home a Scallywag?

The 1st place winner in each category wins a unique pirate themed trophy called a "Scallywag." There may also be some prizes given from sponsors.
Any new prizes that sponsors may offer between now and the festival will be announced on our website.


Any film or screenplay submitted must have been completed within 2 years of the festival. Films must not contain any unlicensed copyrighted music or unlicensed copyrighted footage. Also, submissions must not be in distribution. For additional info see our website.

Overall Rating
  • I didn't get to make the festival, which was such a bummer because I really wanted to go! But dealing with the festival coordinators was a great experience. Very friendly and informative! Will submit my films again!

    October 2019
  • Michael Sieve

    I could not be more honored to be awarded by this festival. This is a spirited effort, a true grass roots movement that not only celebrates the art but the artist. I cannot recommend LCFF enough.

    There is some real color here, some legitimate appreciation for the emerging independent film industry. Its really nice to come across an organization that is able to both motivate and elevate those who are in need of both.

    I heartily recommend this festival. Not just because I won some award but because their award and recognition is so remarkably genuine.

    October 2019
  • Scott McEntire

    Not a friendlier festival and not a better group of folks running a festival than what Patrick and his team do. I have made friends at this festival and great memories, too. But it’s the quality of films that gets me coming back. Great lineup again and again!

    October 2019
  • Jason Ebeyer

    This is my hometown festival. The local community that feeds this festival has been a wonderful contribution to my growth as a creative and film-maker. The director will do his very best to make your experience enjoyable. Now that I live out of the country, I find that I really miss attending this festival.

    October 2019
  • Aaron Migdon

    I had a great time. Placed third in the documentary category. I will most likely submit again next year. They were a little shocked I came all the way from Los Angeles.

    October 2019