Lapua, one of the most culturally flourishing cities in the region of South Ostrobothnia was once facing life changing moments. Back in 1974 the people of Lapua town were wakened up by the mild spring rays, without a clue about the horrible explosion they’ll face before the day even began.

The biggest accident in finnish history after the wars occurred here in Lapua State Cartridge Factory, 13th of April at 7.42 am. Paradoxically, it was the end of one story and a beginning of another. After the tragedy there was a big decision to be made: continuing the past or beginning a new future?

For us it was obivious. We chose a new chapter, we chose to build Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku on the ruins on what remained. It is now a real nest of culture that brings people together to experience both culture and art. You are welcomed to continue the story with us at Lapua Art and Film Festival.

The selection committee carefully assesses each film and screenplay submission and then reaches a final consensus based on a set of internal criteria. The main factors they look for are excellence in topic, technique, and originality. Films of any genre are accepted for submission.

Awards are:

Award for Best Feature Film.

Award for Best Short Film.

Award for Best Documentary Film.

Award for Best Animated Film.

Lapua Special as an award of recognition.

All winners how are interested to receive the Trophy have to pay the management and delivery costs.

Trophies can be shipped to the winners by the cheapest post methods — the responsibility of the delivering limited to the sending process. We are not responsible for losing, damages accused by the delivery companies. The participant is responsible for arranging shipment.

By LAFF standards any film that is 50 minutes and over in length is considered a feature film. All movies must carry english subtitles. All films which are selected/nominated for the festival will be informed by emails & listed on our websites. Feature films can bring any subject respecting humanity issues and cultures topics. The LAFF carries on this tradition and makes way for new developments in feature films by selecting original, unique features to screen at the festival.

Lapua Art & Film Festival is dedicated to screening documentary films on a variety of subjects. Human rights issues, life stories, environmental topics, and unique, spiritual & unordinary themes will be on focus in our first year of LAFF.

Any film that is 1 minute to 49 min 59 sec in length is considered a short film. We are focusing on filmmakers who are trying to introduce unique and new ideas and movies. The film festival will pay attention to this category to give this special film category the attention it deserves.

Over the last two centuries, animation film technology has advanced from flip books to 3D animation and CGI. When selecting animated films for competition, Lapua Art & Film Festival will pay attention to topic and quality. The filmmakers are committed to screening the selected films.

Lapua Art & Film Festival is dedicated to screening also domestic films on a variety of subjects. As well as human rights issues, life stories, environmental topics, and unique, spiritual & unordinary theme will be on focus.

Because of the location of our festival, we will promote and show films made by filmmakers from this province. Films that have been made in the province of Ostrobothnia, Finland, fall under this category. They can focus on variety of subjects and be from different genres.

The festival can use all the material that is submitted to the festival including the posters and tillers without special permission. The festival owns unlimited screening rights for the selected films. No screening fees will be paid. The festival owns the rights, not screen all the selected films. The festival holds the right to screen all selected movie in the festival sub-events.

The Lapua -trophy is available to be sent to the winners all around the world. However, the receiver is responsible for any damage or loss of the sent trophy. Notice that the shipping cost should be paid and arranged by the winner. Notice the festival have the rights to change or update the shape and the material of the trophies.

Selected films will be downloaded.
PLEASE make the access to the download link as soon as you receive the selection status (the film and the promo). The films that can’t be downloaded, will be withdrawn from the program.