Krampus FIlm Festival is a small grassroots film festival in its fifth year. It is part of the Krampus ASBURY PARK Festival - a storytelling festival that encourages the sharing of folklore, the creation of community and joy of shared experience through many different mediums.

Our Festival is unique and niche. We push the boundaries of a small part of folklore to show how storytelling is an innate part of human nature. And we howl at the moon while we do it. In addition to telling the story of Krampus, an agent of retribution for the Yule Tide, we also explore the darker nature of our social customs. This film festival is not only exciting and fun, but it is necessary. Krampus and the other Monsters of Yuletide are the authenticities that many feel the world is lacking. Plus we love scaring the jebus out of children of all ages.

Yule Cat, Gryla, Krampus, La Befana..and so many more remind us that the world was not always so glib. There are repercussions for our actions. Santa is not the only one who keeps a list. But also, remember, the holidays are a time of reflection on the past and of course, the ghosts of the past! So included in our list of acceptable themes is Ghost Stories!

We will be awarding in the following categories:

Best Horror
Best Comedy
Best Animation


and awesome trophies- no seriously..they are AWESOME

General Eligibility

Submissions must be accompanied by the applicable submission fee PER ENTRY and a completed online entry form. All films must be in English or have English subtitles at the time submitted.

Films must be submitted as an online streaming video via a participating submission platform ( FilmFreeway), a password-protected streaming URL. DVD will be accepted with prior approval

Films that have been submitted to KFF in previous years are eligible to be resubmitted, provided they are eligible according to all of KFF’s current rules.

Films with US distribution (obtained prior to being selected for AFF screening) or films produced, financed or initiated by a major film studio or television network are ineligible for competition, but may be considered for a special screening. Selection for screening will be determined no later than 21 days prior to the festival.

Short films that are publicly available online prior to the Festival may be considered for exhibition during the Festival,

KFF reserves the right in its sole discretion to reject or disqualify any ineligible entries, without a refund.

Films that are selected to screen at the Festival may not necessarily be selected to be 'in competition' for awards purposes. Notifications regarding potential selection for competition status possibly may occur subsequent to notifications of acceptance for exhibition.

Overall Rating
  • Joseph Villapaz

    Thank you very much for allowing me to take part in your festival. Comfortable and warm venue and atmosphere.

    December 2023
  • Lynn Kristmanson

    What a wonderful festival - I am honoured that Secret Santa screened alongside the other fantastic films!

    December 2022
  • Nancy Savoie

    As a humble film animation student, it is an honor to have been selected to be part of the Krampus Film Festival. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity! Though I will not be able to make it in person due to this year's very unusual circumstances, I will definitely be in attendance in the future! Thank you again!

    December 2020
  • So excellent stuff. Very attention and beautiful stuff. Biggest success your festival!!

    December 2020
  • Chris Cullen

    What a great festival in Asbury Park. If you like horror films, which I love, this is such a wonderful fest to be able to be a part of. So much fun, nice people who run it and make you feel so welcomed, they truly enjoy your films. I can not wait to submit another film in the future so we have to make more.

    December 2019