KFF was launched in 2013, as International Short Film Festival. From the very beginning, the essential part of our mission was to bring the audience closer to different kind of films and to provoke interest in film art, and furthermore in understanding its impacts in everyday life.

Festival is held annually during September in the city of Kraljevo (meaning "the King's Town"), where seven Serbian kings are said to have been crowned. Because of our historical heritage, we decided to name our festival “Kraljevski filmski festival”.

KFF is offering a filmmaker-friendly environment with a casual vibe, which is the reason why during the last 7 years we have had filmmakers flying in from the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, Finland, France, Switzerland, Russia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria…

In 2019, Kraljevski filmski festival had some significant changes both on programming and management level by evolving to Post-production Film Festival. Our main goal besides showing great Short films will be to promote the art and craft of Post-production as well as the creative people from behind the camera. To achieve this, the KFF will invite postproduction artists from across the globe for masterclasses or workshops, and organize filmmakers meetings at KFF.

- Award for Best Short
- Award for Best Editing (RED GIANT COMPLETE)
- Award for Best Sound Design
- Youth Jury Award

Entry requirements
Films must have been completed in 2019 or 2020.
Any type of film (fiction, animation, documentary) can be submitted to the selection.
Films of 25 minutes or less are eligible.
ALL films with dialogue must have hardcoded English subtitles. If the language/dialogue of the film is Serbian or English we do accept a pre-screening version of the film without subtitles. However if the film is selected for competition we do require English subtitles, (dialog list) even if the spoken language is English.
There is no premiere policy for short films.

Festival deadline:
10 July 2020

Submission Fee
The submission fee is non-refundable.

The festival version should arrive at the KFF mail no later than August 15th, 2020.
Technical requirements for digital files of selected films screened at the Festival
Quicktime 1080p or 2k (ProRes).
All the Festival venues are not currently equipped for 5.1 sound.

All the movies will be translated and subtitiled to Serbian by the Festival.

Publication authorisation
All the texts, data and photos transferred by participants will be used for reference in various online and offline bilingual publications (including Festival catalogue, website). This material may be translated, corrected or edited prior to publication. All participants give free permission to publish and use this material for the above purposes.
If my film wins a prize at KFF2020 I give permission to screen my film in a Best of KFF2020-tour that will take place in selected cities in Serbia after the festival and will showcase the winning films from KFF2020.

Television broadcasting and the Internet
Participants give free permission to reproduce and broadcast clips of the selected films presented in the Festival on terrestrial, digital, cable and on Internet sites. These clips are limited to 10% of the total duration of any film and cannot exceed two minutes. They can only be used as part of stories covering the Festival, TV and interviews and/or promotional trailers or advertising for the Festival current or future editions.

Overall Rating
  • Sanja Savić

    Great Festival! Such a pleasure to be part of it!

    September 2019
  • Cheung Step

    It was a great experience full of professionalism and high quality of films. It was just an honour to be chosen. Festival staff was very friendly and supportive. I'd definitely consider submitting my future project and wish the festival much success going forward.

    September 2019
  • Adriana Barbosa

    Beautiful festival with a very caring and generous team. The program is very interesting and intriguing. Great encounters and excellent filmmaking quality. Highly recommended!

    September 2018
  • jimmy olsson

    thank you choosing my film 2nd class and Im so proud it got the youth jury award!! Will definitely send something new next time !

    September 2018
  • Lights On

    Really Nice Festival, highly recommended!!

    September 2018