Please Note: All video and animation entries must be less than 1 minute and have a clear public health message.

KoronisFest is an annual public service announcement (PSA) and poster competition sponsored by the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Public Health. Now in its seventh year, the festival encourages entries from any level of experience, with the main goal of creatively communicating public health issues through the form of video, animation, and print. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three entries in each category, along with an award for "People's Choice" determined by online voting.

KoronisFest takes place during National Public Health Week, which typically occurs during the first week of April. Originally spearheaded by the late Steven Rudd (neurologist, novelist, gadfly, and colorful friend who left the earth far too soon), the festival continues in his memory.

"What we hope to encourage here isn't merely new slogans and fresh images to benefit the public's health," as Rudd put it. "We're looking for something startling, literally shocking in its ability to communicate with the public in ways that we can't even imagine now."

KoronisFest pays homage to Koronis, who began life as a princess in ancient Greece. Legend says she and Apollo, the sun god, were lovers, and Koronis gave birth to Asklepios, god of medicine.

Asklepios fathered Hygeia, the goddess of good health. She gave us the word “hygiene.” We take Koronis, then, to be the grandmother of public health, and so we adopt her as our patron.

Helpful Hints:

Here are some examples of public health messages to get you started (you are not limited to these topics). Remember that public health can take on many forms!

• Pollution • Clean water • Climate change • Nutrition • Refugee and immigrant health • Disaster readiness • Infectious disease • Affordable health care • Organ donation • Tobacco use • Obesity • Exercise • Teen pregnancy • Sustainable agriculture • Alcohol • Drugs • Health disparities • Global health • Food safety • HIV/AIDS • Vaccinations • Maternal and child health • Adolescent health • Seat belts • Depression/mental health • Occupational health • Secondhand smoke • Relationship violence • Hand washing • Sanitation • Bike helmets • Distracted driving • Impaired driving

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three entries in the following categories:

1. Video
2. Animation
3. Poster

All videos and animations must be less than 1 minute. Posters must be 11" x 17".

1. The KoronisFest will be held at the UAB School of Public Health in Birmingham, AL on April 7, 2016, 5:00 p.m. during National Public Health Week.

2. There is no entry fee. Final deadline for submission: 12 noon, Monday, March 28, 2016. To enter the competition, submit a video in any language via FilmFreeway. Foreign language films (language other than English) must submit an English script and contain English subtitles. Films must be no longer than 60 seconds and should concern a public health problem.

3. Do not use copyrighted music or images unless you own the copyright or have a license to use the material for this Contest. Entrant(s) grant the University a world-wide, no-fee, non-exclusive, perpetual license in the Film and/or Poster for, in whole or in part, 1) reproduction in any format; 2) distribution by any means; 3) public performance or display by any means, including the World Wide Web, television and broadcast; 4) sub-license its rights to third parties for non-commercial purposes; and 5) translate subtitles and scripts and create and publicly display advertisements and trailers, but not to otherwise create derivative works. Entrant(s) also grant the University the right to use Filmmaker's and/or Graphic Designer’s image, name and biographical information in connection with the Film and the Film Festival.

4. Entrant(s) represent that all work submitted to the competition is their own, original work and that for any part of the work submitted that is not their original work, they have been given the express, written permission by the copyright owner to use the material as part of the work submitted for the KoronisFest competition and for any use made thereafter by UAB, as described in the KoronisFest entry form. Further, as a condition of entry into the competition, Entrant(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama, and each of its divisions, officers, employees and agents, for any and all uses made of the work submitted to the KoronisFest competition. A copy of the written permission of the copyright owner(s) must be included with the entry form if the work submitted to the competition is not solely the original work of the entrant(s).

5. Entrant(s) represent and warrant that Entrant(s) 1) own(s) the film and /or poster and all rights in it; and 2) have/(has) permission to use the image, name, biographical information, physical or mental health conditions and other private information of each person who may be identified in the film.

6. Content must comply with all local and national laws of the country of origin, Alabama, and the United States. Content must not 1) promote illegal behavior; 2) support racial, religious, sexual or other invidious prejudice; 3) advocate sexual or violent exploitation; 4) violate rights established by law or agreement; 5) invade the privacy of any person; or 6) be otherwise inappropriate as determined by the University in its sole and conclusive determination.

7. Judges will select films to be shown at the KoronisFest and will select the films and/or posters to receive awards based on the judges’ assessment of merit. The judges’ decision will be final.

8. Selected films will be shown along with the awards ceremony on Thursday, April 7, 2016. These films may also be shown on the University’s website and may be broadcast by the University or third parties.

9. The sole compensation for submission and grant of the rights under this Agreement is consideration of the submission for inclusion in the KoronisFest and any award that may be granted. University will pay Entrant(s) no additional compensation nor be liable to Entrant(s) under any circumstances, including damages arising from the University’s own negligence.

10. Entrant(s) will keep at least one copy of the film and/or poster. The University has no obligation to return any submission, and will not be liable if the submitted film and/or poster is lost or damaged.

11. Entrant(s) may identify the University and the KoronisFest in resumes and include the Film in portfolios, but cannot use the University's name or marks (including colors and music) to promote the Film and/or Poster or the work of Entrant(s). Entrant(s) name(s) shall be included in Film and/or Poster credits.

12. Each submission’s chance of winning is based on the number of submissions and the merits of the work. Awards will be announced at the Festival. For a list of award winners, refer to the KoronisFest website.