Announcing the annual Kodiak Pet Idol 2017 contest. This year we are doing something a little different for our Pet Idol Contest. We are asking you to submit funny and cute videos of your pets as well as photos. Why videos? Because we are hosting the first even Kodiak Pet Film Festival as part of the Beachcombers 25th Reunion the weekend of September 21-25th.

So dig out those lovable pet photos or videos, even better, shoot footage of your animal doing something ... new and lovable. The contest is open to amateurs and professionals alike. It is for all species of animals large and small. The main purpose is to celebrate the joy that animals bring to our lives.The best videos will be awarded fabulous prizes and bragging rights in multiple categories the night of the film festival. While all photos will be featured in the annual Pet Idol calendar, the top 12 pets will be the featured pet of the month.

Submission of Photos:
Up to 5 photos per pet and $5.00 for each photo. We ask that you submit your photos to We will confirm that we have received your photos. If you do not receive confirmation, please check that you sent the photos to the correct address. If your photo is too large for submitting from your email account,

How to submit videos:
Unlimited video submissions will be accepted for $5.00. We’d like to encourage you to submit both photos and videos. So if you have submitted pet photos, you may submit as many videos as you like for no additional charge. You can submit in person to the Kodiak Animal Shelter from an external hard drive, thumb drive, CD‐R or DVD‐R (not "DVD" format). Formatted DVDs will not be accepted. Alternately, you may post your video to YouTube and submit the link to
Anyone can enter
Up to 5 photos per pet. If you have 5 pets, that is 25 photos!
Unlimited video submission.
Only your own pets please. Don't submit someone else's Cockatoo.
No harming, or the perception of harming, animals allowed.
Only submit photos or videos you took. Don't steal something off the Web.
Videos should be no longer than 10 mins
Although unrated, films should net exceed criteria of a "PG‐13" rating by the MPAA. Offensive and/or abusive material will not be selected.
Submissions should be in a .mov (Quicktime movie) or .mp4 (MPEG‐4 aka H.264) video file format