Knowmad Short Film Festival (KSFF):
Human Dignity & Mental Health in the Seventh Art

The Knowmad Short Film Festival (KSFF) is a creative effort of the European Institute for Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights and Sciences - Knowmad Institut (Germany) and the North Luzon Cinema Guild (Philippines); that opens
intercultural exchange and contributes to making visible the alternative narratives that reflect the current state of human dignity and mental health.

This festival aims to turn information into knowledge.
The festival seeks to promote SDGs 10, 16, and 17.

The second edition of the Knowmad Short Film Festival (KSFF) seeks to give visibility to the current situation of human dignity and the mental health. The goal of the second installment of the festival is to promote and celebrate the diversity of human cultures, mental health awareness and peace builders through the lens of filmmaking.

The KSFF will be a hybrid festival using online and offline spaces to engage audiences in
celebrating cultural diversity through the lens of dignity and human rights.

The KSFF contributes to the dissemination of the experiences of communities and individuals who contribute to the construction of peace, the preservation of the ethnosphere, promote sustainable development, and generate opportunities in a resilient and contextual way.

At Knowmad Institut we work to give voice and action to Human Dignity and Human Rights in public and private policies.

Knowmad Short Film Festival value works that:

- Have high regard for the narrative, characters and its technical aspects and how these elements are creatively weaved together into one coherent whole using elements of cinema to portray the plight, struggles and triumphs of advocating Human Dignity and Human Rights.

- Visually and appropriately represent the groups, individuals, communities and collectives paving the way for a more inclusive & sustainable society.

- Explore the boundaries of originality, creativity and independence in presenting the film; and,

- Explore new ways to inspire audiences and enrich their appreciation of human dignity and human rights that will spark discussions and impact the society.

Knowmad Short Film Festival: Linking Human Dignity with the Seventh Art

The objective of the festival is to make visible the situation of human rights through the democratization of cinematography and the lens of people living in traditionally invisibilized territories as a way of preserving the ethnosphere.

The final selection of short films will be used to make a Film Essay.

Best Actor | Best Actress | Best Sound Design | Best Production Design | Best Editing | Best Cinematography | Best Director | Best Screenplay |
Best Animation | Best Documentary | Best Fiction | Knowmad Institut Choice |Best Film | Best Vertical Film

General Guidelines:

Knowmad Short Film Festival aims to discover, encourage, and support filmmakers and visionaries from all over the globe that articulate, interpret and express the advances of Mental Health & Human Dignity through the democratization of the cinematography and lens of people living in traditionally invisibilized territories.

The festival is open for all students, amateurs and professional filmmakers. Film entries should have a running time of not more than 7 minutes, including the opening & closing credits.

Films may be in any genre. Also, film entries must not have been posted in any online platform prior to their screening in the festival.

Films should be submitted on or before November 2, 2022, 23:59 CET.


1. The Knowmad Short Film Festival is open to any person or group. Films may be fiction and nonfiction, as well as other genres and styles.

2. Entries should articulate, interpret and express the advances of Human Dignity and Human Rights through the democratization of the cinematography and lens of people living in traditionally invisibilized territories.

3. Participating individuals or groups must follow the Knowmad Institut on at least two social media platforms. Although not mandatory, it will be useful for the applicant. (Find us on Instagram, Twitter & TikTok as @knowmadinstitut)

4. Films that have qualified in the pre-selection process shall undergo an interview for the final screening of the film festival.

5. The works that are accepted in the final selection process will be announced on (date of announcement) on (Knowmad Institut's social media).

6. All communications to filmmakers will be published by the official Knowmad Short Film Festival Secretariat. All notifications from other sources, individuals or unauthorized outlets are not recognized by the KSFF organizers. Official Selection Filmmakers who have qualified from primary screening, will also be notified through email.

7. The decision of the Board of Judges is final and irrevocable.

Technical & Legal Requirements:

1. Films must be in H.264, .mov or .mp4 format shot through Mobile Phone

2. Entries should have a minimum of 720P resolution.

3. Films in other languages must provide English Subtitles.

4. Films must be made after March 2020.

5. Secure Consent of Use to all copyrighted music used when submitting film. Copyright violations shall be seriously faced by the filmmaker upon receiving formal complaints and may cause disqualification from the festival. Filmmakers are encouraged to use or create original music in musical score or background music.

6. Secure an Indigenous Permit from the country of location for films who will feature indigenous people/ group, indigenous practices or indigenous artifacts.

7. Underage Filmmakers, Production Crew and/or Actors must secure a Parent’s/ Guardian consent upon the submission of their entries.

8. Short films must premiere at the Knowmad Short Film Festival. Entries that have been submitted to other film festivals or have been published on the Internet will be disqualified.

9. All entries must include the signed entry form and terms and conditions.

Remember that with the suggested fee you support our work and the continuity of the festival. If you can not be able to cover the fee, no problem, you can participate for free with the following code: KnowmadSolidarity

Overall Rating
  • Thiago B. Mendonça

    We were very happy to participate in the Festival with our film.

    December 2021
  • Nos encantó formar parte de esta edición. Estamos muy agradecidas al Equipo del Festival por seleccionar nuestro trabajo y al Jurado por otorgarnos una Mención. Saludos de las integrantes de la Red Argentina Mujeres y Diversidades de la Animación.

    December 2021
  • Mohsen Siahrizi

    Thank you for the good festival you held and be successful

    December 2021
  • Thank you very much for your festival. It makes me proud to attend this festival. A festival based on awareness and thinking. Good luck!

    December 2021
  • Such a great film festival and glad to be a part of this.

    December 2021