Welcome to 2021 KVFF Short Films Festival!

We are different kind of film festival because we have distributors and producers lined up to screen all submissions. Also, we will stream live interviews on our Facebook page with filmmakers who submit to our festival and broadcast their film trailer on social media.

We get your films in front of active industry professionals, DISTRIBUTORS and PRODUCERS specializing in short and long film format! Kismet Virtual Film Festival (KVFF) is promoting independent filmmakers from around the world who master the art of story telling in short films. (20 minutes or less rt).

The top films in each genre and category will be shown during our festival, November 12TH th - 29th 2021, and the winners will receive LAURELS and a chance at a DISTRIBUTION DEAL. Last year 13 deals were made!

SUBMISSION DATES: April 28 – Sept 24, 2021
Early bird: April 25 – May 31, 2021: $10.00 **Gold Members: $8.00
Regular: June 1 – Aug 31, 2021: $15.00 **Gold Members: $12.00
Extended: Sept 1 – Sept 24, 2021: $20.00 **Gold Members: $17.00

November 12th, 2021 through November 29th. Time: Start @ 9p MST

One (1) Award Winner will be selected from the top films accepted in each of the following genres to win a Digital Award Certificate with Laurels.

- Best Comedy
- Best Documentary
- Best Drama
- Best Horror
- Best Sci-Fi
- Best Experimental

One (1) Award Winner will be selected from the top films accepted in each of the following categories to win a Digital Award Certificate with Laurels.

- Best Director
- Best Cinematography
- Best Editor
- Best Performance
- Best Screenplay / Story
- Audience Choice


1. The selections committee will begin viewing each submission and will select the films in each category to be screened during the festival.

2. The top films in each category (Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Experimental, Documentary) will be stream on our Vimeo channel during the Film Festival Weekend: November 12th, 2021 through November 29th. Time: Start @ 9p

3. Our panel of film festival judges will determine the award winning film in each genre and category.

4. Viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite film(s) by tapping the LIKE button. The film that receives the most ‘Likes’ will win the Audience Choice Award.


1. All films should have been made in 2019 or after.

2. The film must have opening and closing credits and must have Hard-Coded English Subtitles if the film is not in English.

3. Films must be between 3 and 20 minutes long, including opening and closing credits. SHORT FILMS ONLY. No manuscripts or screenplays will be admitted or returned.

4. Films must be appropriate for all ages. That means NO on-screen nudity and NO on-screen gratuitous violence. KVFF reserves the right to refuse any submission that doesn’t abide by this rule, therefore the film will not be screened or considered by the festival’s selection committee nor will a refund be issued.

SUBMISSION DATES: April 28 – 24 Sept 2021
Early bird: April 28 – May 31: $10.00 ***Gold Members: $8.00
Regular: June 1 – Aug 31: $15.00 ***Gold Members: $12.00
Extended: Sept 1 – Sept 24: $20.00 ***Gold Members: $17.00

November 12th, 2021 through November 29th 9pm.


6.) If you want to enter the same film in one or more categories, you’ll be required to fill out a separate Entry Form and pay a separate Entrance Fee for each category.
One entry only per genre category.

7.) All films should be uploaded to FilmFreeway upon submission and payment. Please include a still photo/image along with a caption (20 words or less) and your bio (75 words or less).

8.) Film producer(s) must obtain verification of permission to include copyrighted materials (music, film, photos, posters, branding, etc, within the film). We cannot show your film without the permissions.

9.) If your film is selected for the showcase, you must have release forms from any actors in the film. We will be requesting them prior to the festival dates. No need to send with Entry form, but have them ready in case you are a winner. We cannot show your film without the releases.

10.) By submitting to us you give us the right to screen your film.

11.) Laurels will be sent out within 45 days of the Award Show announcements.

12.) Must be 18 years or older on the date you submit your entry.

13.) Should you choose to withdraw your film from our festival, you will forfeit your entry fee. NO EXCEPTIONS.

14.) By completing the entry form, and paying the entrance fee, you agree to the above rules and terms.

Overall Rating
  • Shelton Johnson

    EXCELLENT films! It was an honor to be selected to this festival among so many other great filmmakers. The interviews and attention to detail were spot on. I highly recommend!

    December 2021
  • The Kismet Virtual Film Fest has seriously been my very best Film Fest experience. Two of my films were selected, and I was given the opportunity to talk about my film in a personal interview. I am truly honored to have been selected by this incredible film Festival. Thank you KVFF. You are the best.

    November 2021
  • Veronica Small

    Thank you for such a great opportunity to be in your festival… I appreciate you!

    November 2021
  • Xaque Gruber

    A fantastic film festival - bringing together a wide variety of filmmakers and film fans from around the world. I feel honored to have had my work featured in Kismet Virtual Film Festival's inaugural year.

    October 2020
  • So proud to have submitted my film to a festival that truly values and supports emerging and young filmmakers.
    Excellent communication from Festival Director who really goes out of her way to highlight filmmakers and their films.
    Highly recommended.

    October 2020