Shark Awards Short Film Script Writing Competition

Our very first Shark Awards short film script writing competition is open for entries, with prolific features director Paddy Breathnach as the judge.

The competition is free to enter and the winning script wins a cash prize of €1000.

It's a free to enter opportunity and you'll need just three things:

1) a terrific idea
2) a 500 word synopsis of your terrific idea
3) a script to show how it will be shot.

The deadline is March 17th and it should be specifically no longer than five mins.

*Our 2021 Short Film awards are now closed for this season, come back later this year for Sharks Short Film.

About the Shark Awards

Every September, in a small fishing town called Kinsale in West Cork, Ireland, creative people from all over the world (writers, directors, producers, musos, designers, photographers, editors, animators etc.) assemble hoping to receive an award for their creative endeavours. The awards are called ‘The Shark Awards’ and they look just like the one above. Cool, eh? In fact according to the publication From Paris they're the world's coolest trophy design. See for yourself here..

The festival is unlike any other creative festival, partly because of the location (some of the best pubs, restaurants and views in the world) but also because of ‘the vibe’ – creative, alternative and cool. Who says so? Well, we do but we’re bound to say that, so who ELSE says so? American History X director Tony Kaye does. He left saying ‘you should charge £1000 for a delegate pass because as awards go, this is the greenest garden of all’ (ok he’s a bit ‘Hollywood’ Tony, but we appreciated it nevertheless).

Who else? Hilarious writers of Fox Television’s ‘The Simpsons’, Mike Scully and Mike Reiss who both spoke at the festival and had a blast. As did CBS television’s ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ writer/creator Phil Rosenthal. The writer and creator of the Rocky Horror Show, Richard O’Brien, turned up with his guitar and his ‘talk’ ended up as a sing-song (ever done The Time-Warp with a hangover?). The creators of Viz magazine came a few years ago and gave a talk called ‘Swearing IS Big And It IS Clever’ (it was crude, rude and very very funny).

The Shark Awards is that kind of festival where you can meet like minds, be stimulated and come away creatively charged. Whether your work is commissioned or made for free, there is a category for you.

Our historical background of celebrating creativity in advertising, means we have a large following of ad agencies and production companies that specialise in Short Form content. It's well known that moving image is the most impactful tool available to communicate messages, through short stories, and this is why we have limited the run time of films to just 15 minutes.

We appreciate most Shorts are often made with excruciatingly low budgets so we have included craft categories to celebrate those individuals whose efforts may otherwise go unacknowledged. Your work will be seen by a jury comprising of some of the world’s TOP commissioners of short form content (important, as you want to sell yourself as well as your work). Through our awards and their endorsement of your work, you’ll ensure your creation gets the worldwide publicity is deserves. With the increase in demand for short form content created by IPTV the The Shark Awards will provide a great exposure opportunity for makers of short films.

By promoting excellence to the hottest ad agencies and production companies on the planet, the Shark Awards provide a wonderful opportunity to get your work under the noses of those important decision makers who are always looking for the next best thing.

Cash Prize of ¢1000 and, of course a revered Shark Head Trophy.

1. Open to entries worldwide written in English language only.
2. We close for entries on 17th March 2021.
3. The Script must be your original creative work, and you warrant that you are the sole creator. Writing teams are accepted.
4. You agree we may publish the synopsis of the winning script. You retain all rights to the Script itself and any other creative materials submitted to the Competition.
5. You agree that your submission will not infringe, misappropriate or violate the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of any third party.
6. You are solely responsible for protecting your intellectual property rights in the Script.
7. The script must not have been previously produced into a movie before the winner is announced.
8. Participation in the competition constitutes permission to use the winners name and photograph on our website and in promotional material.
9. We will publish a shortlist of Finalists, prior to announcing the winner, here on our website and in social media.
10. The team at The Shark Awards (writers and producers) will sift the entries to create a manageable list for our judge to review.
11. This is a free to enter competition, therefore you agree there is no contract entered into, implied or otherwise.
12. You accept that the decisions made by the staff and judges are their personal subjective opinions and for reasons of confidentiality we do not provide further comment on individual entries.
13. We reserve the right to revoke/disqualify any entry or award for a breach of these rules.


The Film Title should sit in the header at top of page.
No credits should appear on page.
The 500 word synopsis should sit immediately under the Film Title.
The script should follow.
You may include a treatment or storyboard if you so wish.


Please note that the brief is for a '5 minutes or less' Short Film, not Heaven's Gate! Entries should be written as succinctly as possible. The judge will principally be looking for an idea that can be compellingly expressed in a 5 minute time-length. This should be clear from the synopsis. It is quite likely that any entry that clearly fails this first objective will be discarded from further reading. Once the 5 minute rule has been established the script and treatment will help visualise the execution into moving image. Think 5 minutes, less is more!

Overall Rating
  • Declan Lynch

    Great festival in the picturesque town of Kinsale, Ireland. Top quality Q&A's and speakers. Thoroughly recommend.

    October 2016