Welcome to Kino Manchester, we operate Kinofilm, the North West of England's longest running short film festival. PLEASE NOTE: the new dates for the next Festival (18th edition) are 19th - 30th October 2022.

Re recommend submitting your films early to benefit from the early bird prices and to make sure you do not miss out should be close our submissions earlier than planned in the event that we bring the festival dates forward. The Early Bird deadline will be open for 2 months until the ******

Entree fees for all categories are the same apart from the following categories listed below. Fees open at just $10.00 or $8.50 for Gold Members of FFW.

1. Student entries in which we offer a discount of a third less that standard prices ((33%). Student filmmakers must submit to the student category KINO EXPOSED to obtain this discount.

2. Kino Alumni filmmakers (directors) that have previously screened at Kinoflim - you can also submit for 33% off all entry fees - but you MUST submit to the Alumni programme section to get this special additional discount. You will be asked to enter a code that you will receive after providing evidence of your previous film screened at Kinofilm. Please also put these details in a cover letter on your FilmFreeway entry to us stating the year, director's name (which should be the same), the film's title and the programme it was in (if you can recall).

3. REDUCED ENTRY FEES for filmmakers residing in EASTERN EUROPE and the Russian Federation - also receive 33% off. To obtain the discount those filmmakers must submit under the Eastern European section to obtain this discount. You must first contact us to provide evidence of residence and country of production to obtain this code to submit to this section.

4. Filmmakers from GREATER MANCHESTER - can also receive 33% off but must submit under the GREATER MANCHESTER FILMMAKERS programme section to obtain this discount.. You must upload evidence to your entry of residence within Greater Manchester and the film must be produced within the region.

5. REDUCED ENTRY FEES for MICRO SHORTS (5 Minutes and under) - 33% off, please submit under the MICRO SHORTS section to obtain this discount. This section is primarily aimed at lo/no budget filmmakers producing shorts of under 5 minutes

6. BAME programme section. For Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic filmmakers who wish to be considered under a section focusing on BAME filmmakers. We welcome films on any subject, issues or themes in this section. Entrants to this section can also claim 33% of all entry fees. Please read fully the description under Iranian submission for full instructions on how to apply.

7. SUBMISSIONS FROM IRANIAN FILMMAKERS - We offer a Waiver code for Iranian filmmakers residing in Iran. We realise the difficulties Iranian filmmakers experience by Western imposed sanctions on their country. We also recognise the importance of new stories coming by both established and young filmmakers and we are thrilled to have the ongoing special section in the festival for Iranian Filmmakers. Therefor we offer a free waiver code this year for entries submitted from IRAN. You will need to enter a waiver code to submit your film. However, please do not contact us asking for the code without first reading the section under Categories for Iranian Cinema (to the right of the page) and by providing the evidence requested.

We will provide the code to filmmakers and agents who follow the simple instructions detailed to obtain the code - you must the information requested to obtain the code to submit under this section. PLEASE READ THE INFO (ABOVE) AND FULLY IN THE INFO SECTION FOR IRANIAN SUBMISSIONS (on the right under CATEGORIES) WHERE IT GIVES DETAILS OF HOW TO OBTAIN THE CODE.

8. Women in Film Section
Women play an important role in filmmaking and there are many talents out there and to continue our long standing celebration of Women in Film we have two categories. One programme is a focus solely on Women directors, the second programme category will focus on the work of women practitioners in the roles of writers, actors, producers and Directors of Cinematography but please note the film lead roles must be female led. If you have a film that has a strong female led role or strong female writer etc and you want to be considered for this section of the festival please submit to the Women Practitioners category. Female Directors should submit to the Women in Film (directors category).

General Information.
Established in 1995 the festival is now in it's 17th International Shorts Edition. Kinofilm has a unique reputation for showcasing the best short films from around the world, whilst being renowned for seeking out diverse, challenging and groundbreaking new films. We welcome filmmakers that are pushing the boundaries of the short film art form. The festival maintains a high standard with many European & International award-winning shorts featured in the Festival. It includes special programmes in North West Shorts (UK), British New Wave, Euro Cine, International Panorama, Kino Exposed (student and youth shorts), low/no budget shorts, Animation and various themed programmes, giving new and emerging filmmakers the opportunity to have their work screened alongside that of critically acclaimed, established short filmmakers.

Please note for 2021, the festival will provisionally move dates to OCTOBER. We will further welcome short films and animations from Eastern Europe as we extend the Polish festival to include more Baltic countries. This year we welcome films for this section from Romania and Russia.

All short films should have been completed since January 2019 to present and be no longer than 20 mins (accept documentaries which can be up to 23 mins including credits). PLEASE NOTE FILMS SHOULD NOT BE ONLINE FOR PUBLIC VIEWING AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION AND AT ANY TIME PRIOR TO OUR FESTIVAL (APART FROM PRIVATE LINKS). ANY FILMS THAT ARE SEEN TO BE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN WILL FACE DISQUALIFICATION AND NO REFUND WILL BE OFFERED.

WE ARE OFFERING STUDENTS (world wide) , GREATER MANCHESTER FILMMAKERS, Youths and community groups, Eastern European Filmmakers and Alumni Filmmakers and BAME filmmakers 33%% OF ALL SUBMISSION FEES (please see offers at the top of this entry). The discount is automatically applied when you submit your film to the relevant sections, entry fees start at just $10.00 Please note PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY MUST BE SHOWN in all these categories in advance of submitting the film, you will then receive a code to submit your film.

IRANIAN Filmmakers can submit for free (see above details).

Please note, if your film is selected for screening in one of the CINEMA screenings you must be able to provide either a DCP of your film. Please contact us if any issues with this and we will try to resolve it by showing the film in one of the other programmes not requiring either this format. If it playing in one of our other venues then we will require a digital version, details supplied if your film is accepted.

REFUNDS GIVEN ONLY IN THE FOLLOWING CIRCUMSTANCES: Please note if you make a genuine mistake and submit your film to us not realising that it does not fit all of the criteria, or you have to withdraw it for other reasons, we will refund your fee if the request is made only within the first two weeks from the date of your submission. Films withdrawn later for other reasons such as you wish to withdraw it as your film has been accepted in another festival that requires premier status, will not receive a refund. (Please note that any refunds will be after FFW (8%) and PP (3.5%) commission fees already deducted from your fee, you will only be refunded the net amount that the festival receives).

Aims of the Festival:

1. To deliver a film festival of regional, national and international significance.

2. To nurture new talent and support the work of culturally diverse, emerging filmmakers.

3. To attract an industry base of filmmakers and media industry professionals, to encourage the exchange of ideas and development of partnerships.

4. To attract cinema goers and diverse audiences that would not normally experience the short film art form or film festivals.

5. To focus on the needs of the regions filmmakers, visiting filmmakers and the region’s audiences.

The festival will be competitive but award prizes are only announced if and when we have secure prizes. In addition, certificates and/or trophies will be presented and off course you will honoured with the acknowledgement of being awarded one of the best films in the festival. The award categories will be:

Best International Short
Best Eurocine Short
Best UK Short
Best North West Short
Best Female Director
Best Animated Short
Best Documentary
Best Screenplay
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best UK Student
Best International Student

After you submit your film, please remember to tell your friends and colleagues by Tweeting the news "I have submitted my film to @Kinofilm" . You can do this easily by using the Tweet facility on this site that shows directly after you have completed your entry. Please do it to help spread the news of our Open Call for Entries.

1. Provisional dates for 2021 are 2nd - 10th October. Please note these dates or provision and are subject to change. There will be an opening launch event 2 weeks prior to the festival dates.

2. Please see our website for full rules and regulations (download the rules and regulations document at the following link). TBC Summary below.

3. Please note, we obviously welcome premiers at the festival, please state in your cover letter if your film is a premier and it's status at the time of submission (Greater Manchester / North West / UK / Europe / World). We are not a premiere-only festival and we will consider any film regarding of its status. However, films should preferably be a Greater Manchester premier and should at the very least, not have been shown in the City of Manchester prior to our Festival. If your film has been shown previously in Manchester or you have any planned screening in the City of Manchester prior to our festival, it will be disqualified without refund.

If your film has been shown in Greater Manchester prior to our Festival we may still show the film but it will be EXCLUDED from competition. We may make exceptions to this rule in certain circumstances but you must contact us first to discuss. Failure to inform us of any such screenings and your film will be disqualified.

4. To claim the student and Greater Manchester discount you must submit through the Student or Greater Manchester categories for the reduction. Proof of student eligibility must be shown and student films must be made as part of an education or training establishment (full or part-time eligible).

5. To submit through the Greater Manchester category, the filmmaker must reside and work in the counties of Greater Manchester. Production must take place in the North West and the director/production company must me based within Greater Manchester (proof of address must me shown).

6. Films must be no longer than 20 mins (except documentary which can be up to 25 mins) and must be completed after January 2018.

7. If your film is accepted you must confirm local premier status and not agree to any other screenings within Greater Manchester prior to our festival at the time of acceptance into the Festival or your film will be disquallified.

1. Please note the various submission deadlines for which different fees apply. The early bird deadline is 3rd August 2020, the regular deadline is 5th October 2020, late deadline is 7th December 2020 and the extended deadline is 4th January 2021. We will have a special Extended Permission Only Deadline for films still in post production of 1st February 2021.

2. On receipt of your submission you will receive a confirmation email with a reference number that should be quoted on all future correspondence as well as the film title in the subject heading of your email.

3. Successful applicants will be informed as early as possible but at the latest the notification date is 31st May 2021 (subject to change). Once accepted you are not allowed to withdraw your film and you should not accept any other screenings within Greater Manchester prior to the festival or your film will be disqualified.

4. Due to the large number of entries we cannot guarantee to inform personally all unsuccessful entrants, so unless informed otherwise, please assume your entry has been unsuccessful on this occasion. HOWEVER, all entrants will received a notification through FilmFreeway if accepted or rejected. You may request confirmation or further info if required and we will do our best to respond within 48 hours - time permitting.

5. Applicants must confirm acceptance within 14 days of receiving the notification (quoting your film title and reference number). At this stage please supply images of the film (no more than 3 images plus a digital poster). Please note all images that you send us should be saved in the title of the film (not something like "headshot"), remember we will be receiving hundreds of files to our downloads folder and images not sent in the name of the film will be deleted. At this stage you will also be asked to confirm the credits for director, producer, writer and main cast to avoid printing errors. You should also inform us your social media handles for FB/Twitter.

6. Projection File: You will be given a date to provide via a suitable file transfer service the digital file of your screening print (you will be notified of a different email address to send your files to).

The projection file must be outputted h264 no larger than 2GB, please do not send pro-res files as they are generally not required (and they are too large) unless your film is selected for cinema screening in which case we will request a DCP file or a Bluray (at your cost).

7. Updated information on the festival and successful entries will be announced on the festival web site www.kinofilm.org.uk and on the Festival Facebook page www.facebook.com/kinofilmfest

8. Entrants should ensure that they read and agree to the Permissions of the festival which you agree to when submitting your entry. Please notify us of any specific requests.

9. Successful entrants will receive a complimentary pass for all Festival screenings and two guest tickets for their film screening, but due to the fact that Kino is unfunded we will not be able to cover any costs incurred of attending the festival though we will endeavour to get you the best deal or in guest accommodation when available.

10. Please note if we accept your film we do not pay screening fees.

Please note when you submit your film you consent to the following:

1. TV / Web broadcasts of your trailer for promotional purposes?

2. Your film/or an extract being shown in press screening?

3. A short clip of your film or trailer, still images or details of your work being used on the Kinofilm Website?

4. You agree to your film being also being shown in any Kino pre or post festival or promo events (for example festival touring programme) with no fee *(unless you have informed us otherwise and it was agreed with the Festival Director.

NB: Please note, no film will be shown in its entirety on line. We may circulate on our site or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter trailers pre-festival and only a select number of films will be shown in a press screening to launch the festival campaign.

● I agree to screening my film in the Kinofilm festival and in other future post or pre Festival or Kino Shorts events as and when required (including press and promotional events and post festival touring programmes if selected) and without a fee. Please note we will do our upmost best to inform you of any such screenings but be aware that sometimes due to timing or technical issues we my not always be able to contact you in time prior to the screening.

● I also agree that once accepted I will not accept any other screenings of the film in the City of Manchester prior to the Kinofilm Festival.

● I hereby give my permission for any number of screenings of the above film (as above) and confirm that I am duly authorised to submit this film. I also certify that all rights and clearances for use of any soundtrack, or other copyrighted materials / images have been obtained and I release Kinofilm Festival from any liability from either public screening or other such use in any and all media.

● I understand that Kinofilm Festival is not responsible for any damage or faults that may result in the film being withdrawn from the Festival or Kino Shorts or any other co-promoted event Kino is involved in, in circumstances beyond their control.

● I also confirm I will not withdraw my film once I have signed and returned this form to the festival.

● I agree to all publicity about my film across websites and social media, including posts on Facebook and Twitter. I understand that Kino will not show any clips / trailer of the film without my expressed permission.

NB. Any variation of this agreement must be communicated to us in writing and agreed by the Festival Director.

NB: Kinofilm reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event in circumstances beyond our control or in the case of "an act of God". In the case of a cancellation or postponement beyond our control Kinofilm will not be responsible to refund any fees or costs attributed to submit films or attending the festival. Tickets and passes purchased in advance will be fully refunded.

The Company, Manchester International Film Festival® was established in 2006 to promote the work of independent filmmakers, to establish an International Film Festival in Manchester and currently delivers the Manchester International Short Film Festival.

Kinofilm, TM is the brand trading name of our short film festival operated and produced by MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL®, a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, registered in England & Wales. No. 06052838

The organising company is:
“MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL”® is a registered trademark protected by UK Law.

Use of KinofilmTM brand / logo and the logo/brand of the company logo or phrase ‘MANCHESTER INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL’® including for any similar uses in class 9,16, 41 (as defined by UK Gov Intellectual Property Office) is strictly protected under UK Law. Trade Mark UK00002428249 ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________

Overall Rating
  • imagine...
    your film selected for the festival but they don't communicated with you because they don't respect to you ...

    November 2022
  • Janet Marrett

    An excellent festival, big on including diverse filmmaking voices. Thanks for inviting CLEARING to be part of the official 2022 selection.

    November 2022
  • Lou Sumray

    I was very happy indeed to be part of this lovely festival, very friendly and good communication and really enjoyed the venue too.

    October 2022
  • Ava Bounds

    What a great time we had in Manchester at the MiniCine. Wonderful selection of films and plenty of attendees. The programming was spot on and the welcome warm. I'd absolutely recommend this cool festival in an even cooler city to all young film makers.

    October 2022
  • Despite Corona coming along and tearing things up, these guys dealt with it admirably.

    August 2020