Karma Rescue will use these films to teach school-age children how animals should be treated. The goal of the Festival is to teach children that animals, like humans, need to be protected, championed and loved; that like humans, animals are emotional beings who feel love, sadness, anger, and fear; that animals feel loss when a person or animal they love dies; they get depressed, they feel joy, and they feel love. Karma Rescue wants to bring that message to students to take to their parents, friends, and all of society to change the harm and hurt that humans inflict on animals. Through our children, Karma Rescue wants to teach everyone that it is inhumane to lock animals in cages for breeding; to force animals to fight for the entertainment of humans; or to harm them in any way.

Best Film of the Day - 8 films, 4 categories
$200 for each film category

Best Film of the Week Festival - 2 films
$500.00 for each film
One trophy for each film

• The film must be 10 minutes or less.
• No animals may be harmed in the filming or in the film.
• Film must be suitable for elementary schoolchildren (ages 8-10).
• Film must be vegan-friendly.
• The film must not show animal exploitation of any kind.
• The films must be in English.
• Each filmmaker must sign a Release and Waiver. You can obtain that document at