Kano Indigenous Languages Film Market and Festival (KILAF) is a platform that promises to encourage the growth and development of filmmaking in African languages; also, to promote the content marketing of products there-from.

Globalization is neither avoidable norwhat should be ignored. Rather, it is a phenomenon to be embraced and exploited as per the realities of the players. Through globalization, the world has openedup to hear, accept and market various shades of opinions and point of views. Hence, those producing films in African Indigenous languages are better off to exploit the opportunities being made available across media and entertainment ecosystem. The event is to present activities to facilitate the art of filmmaking.

The event offers carefully planned activities to promote networking, marketing and exhibitionof films. In addition, workshop, master classes, discussion platforms, dinners/parties, tourism tours, African Kitchen featuring local foods, drinks and snacks. Overall, the event promises to be a melting point of enjoyable and rewarding activities that would culminating in being a lifelong experience.

Therefore, KILAF has lined up an award ceremony to reward excellence and professionalism of the African indigenous languages’ filmmakers. The night will feature entertainment in the process of awarding certificates of participation to all registered participants, prize monies to Best Films (feature, short and documentary) and plaques for all the competition category winners. Also, Lifetime Achievement Awards will be bestowed on some prominent personalities.

The festival film entries are accepted through the filmfreeway.com platform; while other registrations are to be made online via www.kilaf.org.ng.

1. All entries should be in indigenous African languages with English subtitles.

2. All entries should be accompanied with a one page synopsis.

3. All submission must be complete and in one part only.

4. Allen ties must have been made and released between December 2016_2018.

5. The fact that a film has been entered for their festivals does not disqualify it for prize.

6. Movies in shorts category must be between one and twenty minutes only including opening and end credits..

7. Features start from seventy minutes.

8. All entries must be submitted online through the festival Website and via filmfreeway.com

9. Entry closes 9th August,2018.

10. Award categories for the competitive films are:
a. Best Film
b. Best Director
c. Best Actor
d. Best Actress
e. Best Culturally Inclined Film