Kanazawa Film Festival is a film festival held in Kanazawa, Japan. The festival is a cultural event for international filmmakers and film fans, and aims to promote the spread and exchange of film culture by screening films from a variety of countries and regions.

The Kanazawa Film Festival features films from a variety of genres and themes, including short films, feature films, and documentaries, and also serves as a forum for discussion and exchange about film, with international directors, actors, and producers in attendance.

The festival contributes to the development of film culture through providing opportunities to enjoy the art of cinema against the beautiful natural environment and historical background of Kanazawa City. The Kanazawa Film Festival has become one of the hottest events for film lovers in Japan and abroad, and an attractive venue for those interested in film production and viewing.

"Choice of Kanazawa" is the international section of the Kanazawa Film Festival, which began in 2023. We are looking for genre films (horror, sci-fi, action, thriller, musical etc...), or artistic and unique films, avant-garde entertainment films, and surprising documentaries that are not yet known in Japan. We want to find a great director who is not known yet in japan or even the world.
Please check our past event's photos, you will see what kind of films we prefer to screen in the festival.

Awards of "Choice of Kanazawa":
Best Feature Film
Best Short Film
Choice of Audience

Only non-Japanese movie director can apply to the contest.

*Please check our past photos before submitting your film. If you check those photos, you will see what kind of film we want to screen in the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Mani Nickpour

    I recently had the honor of having my film, "Ahriman: Death Before Dying," featured in the coveted "Choice of Kanazawa" category at the Kanazawa Film Festival 2023 held in Japan. The journey to the beautiful city of Kanazawa was not just a visual delight but a cultural enrichment that blended seamlessly with the ethos of the festival.

    The festival was organized at the iconic 21st Century Museum in Kanazawa, which stood as a testament to modern architectural marvel while encapsulating the essence of cinema. The technical aspects of the festival were impeccable with high-quality sound systems and screening facilities that did justice to the cinematic endeavors of all filmmakers present.

    The festival crew was heartwarming. Their professionalism combined with a touch of personal care made the experience smooth and memorable. Their dedication to fostering a conducive environment for filmmakers to interact, learn, and celebrate cinema was palpable throughout the event.

    Being recognized in the "Choice of Kanazawa" category was a humbling experience, signifying a bond formed with the local audience, something that I will cherish forever.

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you!
    We are looking forward to seeing your next "Ahriman Part 2" !