Kalamata International Short Documentary Film Festival is born from the well-known Peloponnisos International Documentary Film Festival.
After nine years of success with PelDocFest, it's time to give the short and mini-documentaries their own space. An extra four-day event is happening!

The main event takes place in Kalamata, Greece, next October with
Special events, masterclasses, retrospectives, educational screenings, and seminars.

Films are presented to the public at monthly screenings when they are judged as "official selections" by a three-member jury and the audience chooses the winners.
Monthly winners are considered "semi-finalists" for the annual event, and they can use the festival's laurel.

Kalamata International Short Documentary Film Festival retains an online database and all selected films can be accessed by a chosen group of industry professionals, journalists, and broadcasters just for your project promotion.

The festival is based on live audience events, but we also provide online, free-of-charge, screenings for the Greek audience. Access is limited to the geographical area of Greece and only for the first 100 viewers per film. The online voting system's audience votes are also counted in the live screening's audience awards.

1. Audience award for the best international documentary.
2. Audience award for the best Greek / Cypriot documentary.

(All films that were selected for the annual event are competitors for the special awards.)
1. Best Student International Documentary.
2. Best Student Greek / Cypriot Documentary.
3. Best Director.
4. Best First-time Director.
5. Best Cinematographer.
6. Best Editing.
7. Best Audio design.


Please ensure thorough review of all rules and regulations prior to project submission for consideration.

This is a Documentaries only Film Festival!
Only works depicting actual events will be considered; fiction films, pseudo-documentaries, mockumentaries, or any other form not reflecting real events will be disqualified.

Decisions made by programmers and jurors are final. All entries will receive equal consideration.

1. All films must be original works of the filmmakers, with necessary rights secured.
2. Submission of films must be done through FilmFreeway.
3. Films submitted must have been completed on or after January 1, 2022.
3. For student submissions, attach a Student ID to your FilmFreeway profile.
4. The 'Underage and school projects' category is strictly for documentaries by creators under 18 years old or up to secondary education level; submissions from individuals older than 18 in this category will be considered abuse.
5. Films must be submitted with an online screener and separate English subtitles in .SRT format, with optional Greek .SRT subtitles. Links from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, MyAirBridge, or FilmFreeway are accepted. Supported formats include .mov or .mp4 up to 4K resolution.
6. Submissions must include an A4-size portrait poster, a trailer, still photos, a biography, and a photo of the director; incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
7. All finalists must have subtitles in English and Greek (CC script required). Otherwise, translation of English subtitles into Greek will be charged at €0.18/line.
In the absence of synced subtitles in English, Spanish, French, or German, translation and syncing costs €0.34/line. Final Greek SRT files will be delivered to the director/producer when available.
8. Short documentary submissions must be under 30 minutes. For longer documentaries, submit to https://filmfreeway.com/PeloponnisosInternationaldocumentaryFestival.
9. Films selected for the festival program may not be withdrawn.
10. Participants agree to the publication of all materials related to their film for promotional purposes related to the Kalamata Short Documentary Festival & Peloponnisos Documentary Festival, including the Festival Program, Festival trailer, Festival Website, and local or national media. Posters and images may be used independently or in combination with images from other films for promotion.
11. All selected films will be uploaded to our website and made available to a selected group of industry professionals, journalists, and broadcasters to promote your work.
12. Selected films will be available online free of charge to audiences within Greece for a maximum of 100 views.
13. Selected films will be available for special educational non-commercial screenings.
14. All submission fees are non-refundable.

Overall Rating
  • Great to have our film selected!

    April 2024
  • Special festival for alla of us

    April 2023
  • No way to communicate with them, despite the selection. I have no idea what happened: if they screened the movie or not, if there were some issues that could have been solved... I tried to send them an email, but they never replied so what happened there is still a mystery to me.

    April 2023
  • Alexia Tsouni

    A really wonderful festival with enthusiastic festival team and very interesting selections! Thank you so much for your kind hospitality and perfect communication. We are so happy to have participated with our film “HANTUSH – a fairytale”!

    January 2023
  • Murat YÜKSEL

    very nice festival, thank you

    December 2022