Official 2021 Special Guest Star - Dawna Lee Heising!

The KAIJU INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is the ultimate creature-feature entertainment and mythology platform dedicated to celebrate the enthusiastic achievements within the vast Kaiju monster genre including Action, Adventure, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy, horror, Mythology, Paranormal, Sci-Fi and Supernatural content.


Film themes can range from anything related to Aliens / Dinosaurs / Dragons / Werewolves / Vampires / Mutants / Titans / Robots / Androids / Humanoids / UFO’s / Godzilla / King Kong / Ghosts / Witches / Zombies / Mummies / Reaper / Centaurs / Minotaur / Gargoyles / Orcs / Elves / Trolls / Sasquatch / Bigfoot / Fairies / Mermaids / Unicorns / Spiders / Sharks / Anacondas and any other myths & creatures associated with the term KAIJU.

The KAIJU INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL wants to emphasize, Recognize and Encourage the participation of filmmakers, actors and industry professionals in the genre of Monsters & Mutants.

The festival name is inspired from the word ‘’KAIJU’’, (Japanese: 怪獣, kaijū, lit. "strange beast") which is a Japanese genre of films and television featuring giant monsters. The word can be used to describe any life form that is not a normal creature or a creature of this world. Mutants, aliens and supernatural beings all fall under this category, regardless of their moral standing.

The Kaiju International Film Festival explores the diverse realms of genre cinema and provide a festive but professional atmosphere where emerging artists are given exposure, both locally and internationally. We aim to showcase the best in Hollywood and world cinema, discovering new talents and offering a platform through which artists and audiences can connect.

Film festival awards for selected films will be awarded to 1st place category winners only. Awards will be in the form of a custom made online Digital Certificate & a Unique Godzilla Statue sponsored by "Painters Dungeon Co"! (Listed in gallery above).

Along with the Trophy & digital certificate, every category winner will receive a unique sasquatch T-SHIRT & ENERGY DRINK proudly sponsored by "Squatch GQ Energy Drinks"! (Listed in gallery above)

Best Feature film - (1st place award*)
Best Short film - (1st place award*)
Best Animation film - (1st place award*)
Best Documentary film - (1st place award*)
Best Experimental film - (1st place award*)
Best TV Pilot - (1st place award*)
Best Trailer - (1st place award*)

Our Collaborative Partnership features the exclusive review deal with SRS CINEMA Film production company where film submissions receive a review for either development or distribution! SRS Cinema is a motion picture production and distribution studio and produce & distribute independent features from around the world!

Films submitted to the KAIJU FILM FESTIVAL will automatically be eligible for review by the team of SRS CINEMA LLC. While there is of course no guarantee that filmmakers will land a development deal (short films) or be considered for a distribution deal (feature films), SRS CINEMA and the Kaiju Film Festival only provides this opportunity to serve as a calling card for genre filmmakers.

Our Special Guest Awards session strive to reach out & recognize established artists who influenced the Sci-Fi & Supernatural realm.

The Special Guest of 2021 is Dawna Lee Heising who has acted in over 100 feature films!

Dawna won Best Actress for "Dark Classics" at the 2019 LANFA Film Festival; Best Actress for her role as Barbie in Dustin Ferguson's "Nemesis 5: The New Model" at the 2018 LANFA Film Festival. She is the executive producer and host of the award-winning television interview show "Eye on Entertainment".

Dawna has appeared in over 100 films throughout her career, including features such as “Bad President,” “Blade Runner,” “RoboWoman,” “My Science Project,” “Scorpion Girl: The Awakening,” “Big Trouble in Little China,” “The Paradise Motel,” and “Amityville: Evil Never Dies.” She has also appeared in a number of series, including “Scorpion Girl,” “General Hospital,” “Magnum P.I.,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Fantasy Island,” St. Elsewhere,” and “Hollywood, Inc.” In “The Path to the Nexus,” She is thrilled to play Lisa in "PTSD: A Soldier's Revenge", which is written by award winning screenwriter Tom Anderson and stars Daniel Baldwin, Tom Sizemore, Tony Devon, and Robert LaSardo. Dawna will also be playing Lady Dark in Sean GK's epic "X The End Time".

The KAIJU INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL welcomes Animation and Live Action Features, Shorts, TV Pilots, and Trailers from all over the world in all aspects of the following genres:
Action, Adventure, Thriller, Suspense, Fantasy, horror, Mythology, Paranormal, Sci-Fi and Supernatural content.

(Animation/Live-action/Documentary/Experimental/TV pilot/Trailer):

- Completed after January 1st, 2015
- Only completed films are accepted
- Short films of 40 mins or less
- Feature films of 40 mins or longer
- Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English
- A previous limited screening or limited release in the U.S. or Internationally does not disqualify your film from consideration by the festival.

The Kaiju Film Festival cannot guarantee that the short- or feature films submitted will be selected and shown in public / on-line, as the festival selection members / committee will be the final arbiters.

The Kaiju Film Festival ONLY accepts online film screeners. Also any applicable submission fees must be paid online at time of your entry.

By submitting the film, the submitter agrees that:
1. Kaiju Film Festival can use trailers/teasers/film posters/stills for promotional purposes.
2. Entry fees are non-refundable.
3. The submitter owns all the rights to the film.
4. The submitter cannot withdraw the submission after the official selection announcement.

For more info regarding submissions please email us at:

- Team KAIJU
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