The KUGOMA is the longest-running Mozambican film festival. It screens open-air and venues, holds workshops, masterclasses, school screenings and helps promote Mozambican and African upcoming directors.
In 2020 and 2021 it had its first online editions.
In 2022 we went back to live audiences, in an hybrid format and so was our 14th edition, in 2023.
Get ready for 2024 15th edition.

In 2023, on our 14th edition, our awards were:

- Mozambican Upcoming Filmmaker Award - awarded by the Mozambique Film Museum Association;
- PALOP-TL Upcoming Filmmaker Award - in collaboration with the PALOP-TL Film and Audiovisual Network;

Awards are not monetary.

KUGOMA 15th edition accepts short films and features by Mozambican and African directors both in the continent and the diasporas.
All genres are welcome - documentary, fiction and essays, both live-action or animated, up to 30 minutes duration, submitted through FilmFreeway.
Features should be sent directly to the team, via email:
This edition will feature both online and venue events, in Maputo and for audiences everywhere.

Mozambican Directors/Producers who submit their short films automatically authorize partner screenings, during the 15th KUGOMA week, with local TV stations and online platforms.
Feature films will only be screened at venues.

Overall Rating
  • Terrible.
    Poor Communication by the Organizers, which Resulted in our Films being Selected and then Deselected, without Reason.

    October 2023
  • Ariel Casimiro

    I got to participate in Kugoma for the first time this year and was lucky enough to come off with an award. I was unfortunately unable to make it there because I was notified a bit late of my films acceptance. But friends of mine that attended told me it was a great experience overall. After hearing from them I really felt bad I didn’t attend. Heard there were very prestigious judges and audiences that attended the festival were really engaged. I just wish communication was better and I was told earlier that my film was accepted and asked if I would be able to attend the festival. If that was the case I would have made arrangements earlier.

    September 2023
  • Judénio José Jorge

    This is the only one and also the best film forum in Mozambique, giving opportunity to the new generation of film makers in many different categories, its any pleasure be part of this big and amazing family

    September 2023
  • Paulo Idalecio Videomaker

    The best cinema festival among the portuguese speaking african countries.

    July 2023
  • Patricia Silva

    Foi um prazer ter participado do Festival!

    September 2022