The sixth edition of KOQIX is taking place in the wonderful city of Turin, Italy, in May 2023. It is going to be the celebration of independent cinema. Submissions are open to anyone, there are no restrictions. Films of any genre, running time and budget are more than welcome.
KOQIX is organized by the cultural association Systemout that, in the last few years, has become the spokesperson for the indie cinema, not only in Italy.

KOQIX INDIE FEST has the main purpose to find and select new films that could be interesting for cinephiles, as well as to search for new styles and trends that this art has to offer in order to promote them on a touring show.

Before submitting your film, please read carefully the section Rules and Terms.

Two great news in the sixth edition of KOQIX. In addition to the FEATURE and SHORT categories, there will be the new EXPERIMENTAL SHORT and COVID19 categories.


All decisions regarding the winners are final and irrefutable.


Projects submitted must be the original work of the participant, not ended before January 1-2016.

It is possible to submit more than one project, but each project requires the submission fee.

All films in any different language from English must necessarily be subtitled, in English. An exception will be admitted for films in Italian or Spanish, which don’t need to be subtitled.

By submitting the film to KOQIX festival you confirm to own the rights of the film.

After the official selection all the finalists will compete in the contest.

KOQIX INDIE FEST reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the final event.

Rates for submission are not refundable.

Complete rules and conditions are here below shown.


The films submitted to the contest will remain in the files of the Festival and the video archive of the Cultural Association Systemout. The works will not be commercially exploited. Before any other different use, the authors will be contacted for receiving their agreement. Systemout Association is taking reasonable security precaution to protect the copyright of the film submitted to the Festival.

Short films:
For films lasting between 1 and 59 min.

Feature films:
For films lasting at least 60 min.

Projects must be submitted online using the dedicated platforms.

Before listing your movie to 6th KOQIX INDIE FEST festival, Read Carefully and understand the rules and conditions:

Art. 1 The 6th edition of KOQIX INDIE FEST festival is an independent cinema festival open to any form of artistic expression.

Four films categories can be submitted to the Festival:


Submitted films should be an original work of the contestant and should have been completed after January 1 2016.
Films dealing with all themes are allowed to the festival, with the only exception of advertising and pornographic, or themes in contravention of the provisions of the Italian law.
Films in any different language from English must be subtitled in English. Films in Spanish and Italian are allowed not to have subtitles.

Art. 2 – The contestants, when submitting the film, guarantee that they have full rights to present it and engage themselves to hold harmless the Systemout Association for any fact linked to the possession or diffusion of content of the same under the conditions of the terms and rules of this document.
Films must be compulsorily submitted on the online platform FilmFreeway and, if applicable, by the simultaneous festival fee payment.
The Systemout Association has the right to exclude from the festival any film that is judged, at its sole discretion, not compliant with its ethical code or to the provisions of applicable law. In case of exclusion, the festival fee that has already been paid will not be reimbursed.

Art. 3 – The 6th edition of KOQIX INDIE FEST festival enrolling fee is 13$ (USD) for one film. Additional films can be submitted under the payment of an additional 13$ (USD) fee for each of them.
The payment of the festival’s submission fee implies the acceptance of the terms and rules defined in this document and your association, after approval , to the Systemout Association until December 31 of current solar year, as an affiliated member without vote right, as defined in Art. 4 and Art. 5 of the association Bylaw.
With the payment of the submission fee, the contestant declares to accept without reservations and exceptions the Association Bylaw, the Code of Ethics and Role book that are available on the Association official website (

Art. 4 – The films submitted to the 6th edition of KOQIX INDIE FEST festival will remain in the files of the Systemout Association, which will not discover them to tiers without previous agreement with the contestant and except the provisions which are described in the Art. 5 and Art. 6 of the present document.
The contestant’s personal information will be managed in accordance with the rules defined by the Italian Law, the Controller of the Personal Data is the President of Systemout Association.
By submitting a film to the 6th edition of KOQIX INDIE FEST festival, the contestant agrees to receive from the Systemout Association, news concerning the other activities of the Association.

Art. 5 – By submitting a film to the 6th edition of KOQIX INDIE FEST festival, the contestant allows the Systemout Association to make available to the public the submitted film data sheets. These ones are created when using the most relevant film characteristics that are communicated by the contestant during the submission of the film on the web platforms.
The above-mentioned film data sheets could also be available on the websites and social networks areas (pages and groups) managed by the Association.
In the case in which the Festival includes a public exhibition of the selected or awarded films, the contestant, when submitting the film, also grants the Association the free right to show it during the Festival events. In case of public projection, the contestant will provide the Association with additional film and personal information to comply with the administrative provisions in force. The contestant will communicate the above information by using a form that will be provided to him/her for the purpose.

Art. 6 – Submissions to the 6th edition of KOQIX INDIE FEST festival will open on June 26 2022 and will close on May 2023. They will be performed by using the above-mentioned web platforms.
By May 2023, the submitted films will be selected by a qualified jury who, at its sole discretion, will define the list of finalists for the categories defined below:
The selected film sheets will be available on the official website, as defined in Art. 5.
The festival jury will also define, at its sole discretion, the winners of the festival categories. The names of the winners will be announced on the festival website, on the social networks of the festival (Facebook and Instagram) and to the winners’ email address that are communicated at the time of the film submission.

Art. 7 – The 6th edition of KOQIX INDIE FEST festival final event will be a public event in the historical downtown of Turin, including the awarding and projection of the winning films and ideally other with special characteristics.

This document, for contestants’ convenience, is a non-binding translation of the official terms and conditions issued in the Italian language; in case of litigation, the official text is the original in Italian language .

Overall Rating
  • Till Gombert

    We are thankful that KOQIX INDIE FEST screened Michael and my film 'fundaments' in the 2021 online edition. The communication with the festival staff was very good and we are delighted to receive the Best Experimental Film Award.
    Thanks for making a online edition possible. Hopefully, you will be soon able to screen again in cinema. :)

    June 2021
  • adriano giotti

    A true independent film festival in the heart of Turin. I was happy to be there with my feature film. Good vibes :D

    June 2018
  • Xavier Baeyens

    I was very happy to be selected for KOQIX, only sorry I couldn't make the screening itself, as I couldn't find any affordable flights anymore at such short notice. Yet, communication was excellent!

    June 2018