Kingdomwood "Twins" 48 Hours Short Films competition:

Kingdomwood Film Festival 48hr Competition Calling for Teams” of Writers, Actors, Directors, etc… The winning team will receive a reward.

All teams must have the following criteria in their film:

1. Figurative language
2. Props
3. Character
*Dates are subject to change*


Kingdomwood would like for all participants to follow the procedures for creating a great short film.  The character, props, and verbiage only accepted in the film will be provided at the meet-up or on FilmFreeway.

Please create a FilmFreeway account at www.FilmFreeway to receive updated messages from Kingdomwood.  May 2020 the winners of the Kingdomwood Spring 48hrs short films will be announced and awarded.


Kingdomwood’s screenings and Spring Award Show Celebration location:

First Christian Church of Atlanta 4532 La Vista Rd, Tucker, GA 30084

Please signed film releases, YouTube upload links, cast names and film title must be submitted prior to judgement date. *Dates are subject to change*