Kragujevac Independent film festival or KG FILM FESTIVAL.
Kragujevac is the fourth largest city in Serbia, the administrative centre of Šumadija District. There are many cultural institutions in Kragujevac that have gained regional, and some of them even national significance in the field of arts and culture.

This festival wants to provide a platform for artists around the world to showcase their films to Serbin and region audience. This is opportunity for Serbian filmmakers to compare their work with independent film creators from all arount the globe.

Your goal is to bring us into worlds we've never seen before.All categories and genders are welcome.

We are short this year!!!!

By applying to participate, you understand and agree that your Film will be uploaded and streamed from the online cinema screen of 'KG Film Festival' on the My Film Works Film platform before, during and after the festival completion for a period of at least 2 years or longer at the complete discretion of KG Film Festival. The Filmmaker agrees that it has the right to accept these terms and has agreed to give K G Film Festival these non-exclusive, worldwide online streaming rights as part of the Festival submission and the Festival has accepted this submission based on this express agreement.

Categories are;
Short film (only under 15 minutes length)

No music videos.No TV and web shows.

Non-English language films must be subtitled in English.

Films on Serbian language don`t need subtitle.

Films must be HD quality.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you very much for the honor and joy of the selection of our movie. We didn't have the chance to attend the festival but the communication before and after the festival, helped us feel part of it. The gesture of the festival to communicate the crowd funding of our next movie was really touching. I hope to 'meet' again in the future...

    March 2019
  • Thank you, KG Film Festival! We're so excited that we've been part of this event! It is a great chance for everyone. I'm looking forward to the next edition!

    January 2019
  • met the director Aleksander Jovanovic before the fest, when i was visiting belgrade and was amazed with his caring and devotion, and truly hope to come back to serbia to participate at the festival in Kragujevac with our new film ‘BURKINABÈ RISING: the art of resistance in Burkina Faso’

    December 2017
  • KG Film Festival is a very good film festival.
    Film Festival staff is all very friendly.
    Hospitality for guests is great.
    Film Festival staff also supports very heart warming.
    I want to go be sure next year!

    December 2016
  • laurent rouy

    Had the opportunity to be in Serbia at festival time and was very nicely surpsried by the dedication of this small but full of energy, bunch of passionate people. Would definitely renew the experience!! Thumbs up!!!

    December 2016