The Juggernaut Film Festival celebrates Science Fiction and Fantasy films from around the world. It is presented by Chicago's Otherworld Theatre Company, whose mission is to further explore and promote the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre.

The festival prides itself for bringing together the community- from cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers, artists, and casual movie-goers alike - to encourage and support these new and innovative stories in the cinematic arts.

Best Sci-Fi Short
Best Fantasy Short
Best Feature Short
Female Filmmaker Award
Audience Choice Award


- All Films must be of the Sci-Fi or Fantasy genre
- Short Films may not exceed 45 minutes, Feature Length Films can be any length under 3 hours
- A high resolution 1080p digital file (Mov, Mp4) must be provided by selected films
- Films in language other than English must include English subtitles.

No feedback on submissions can be given.
Rejection letters will not be sent.

Overall Rating
  • Patrick Hogan

    I really wanted to like this festival and I’ve heard good things about it in the past, so maybe I just caught an off year. The venue is very cool and in a FANTASTIC location in Chicago. Very awesome. But the projection was dim (old bulb in the projector?) and sound was unbalanced. And despite noting in the program which films had filmmakers attending, there was no Q&A after the films or even an acknowledgement of them in any way. There may have been many other fantastic filmmaker there that I could have met, but I didn’t know who they were and no one knew about me. I had lots of friends come to the screening and it was great to see them, but honestly if I had traveled all that way just for the festival I would have been disappointed. Like I said, I hope I just caught an off-year before the festival people were super nice and the venue and location is very cool.

    September 2019
  • Lovely festival. Great working with their team.

    June 2018
  • Tommy Martin

    We loved Juggernaut Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival! It was thrilling to be included amongst very entertaining films at Chicago's legendary Music Box Theater. We will definitely submit projects again in the future. Thanks Juggernaut!

    March 2017
  • Great communication from the festival. The director attended and had a great time, she says "Everyone was friendly, it was swell!"

    March 2017
  • nicholas gianforti

    Great festival and so happy to be a part of it! Our only issue is that we couldn't attend.

    March 2017