Journeys Into Film is seeking submissions of short films to form part of a film programme will tour to multiple venues as part of festivals and existing events. We are looking for films about migration, displacement, belonging, and seeking sanctuary.

We especially welcome submissions made by (emerging or established) filmmakers, directors, producers and writers with lived experience of migration or seeking sanctuary – based in the UK or Internationally.

We enjoy fiction and non-fiction films up to 30 minutes in length. These are with an eye to share with our North/Midlands based UK audience, therefore we require films to be subtitled in English language. It is great if your film is already subtitled, though if it is not and you can provide an English language transcript, we can arrange subtitling.

Through this programme we seek to engage a wide range of people across the UK – this will include a combination of those who have an interest in short form film – as well as more general audiences – including families and young people. As such our programme for Journeys Into Film will be open to a balance of subjects, narratives and themes.

£75 per screening for succesful applicants

Please se4 further details and alternative submissions here :

To apply you must meet the following criteria:

- You are an artist with experience of seeking sanctuary; or your work responds to ongoing dialogue/collaboration with someone with a refugee or asylum seeking history

- Your film has been completed and you do not need support to for any further development (we are not able to support new commissions or any restaging or creation costs)

- You or key filmmakers (writer, director, producer) must be based in Europe

- Films must be between 5min and 30 mins in duration

- Films must be available in a digital format – capable of being presented online in cinemas, and in gallery or non conventional settings through screens and tv.

- Your film is told in English or is subtitled in English (or can be provided with an English transcript)

- You must have permission from collaborators, suppliers, actors and funders to share and present the film in this context, or ownership of copyright

- You are eligible to work in the country in which you live – this can be outside of the UK

How to Apply

- A short proposal introducing the film including a brief narrative of the work, details of collaborators and actors involved in the creation

- Details of any funders and supporters involved in creating or distributing the work

- Details of where the film has been screened to date

- Details of any age classification – either received or perceived
Your CV (if available)

- Links to the film hosted online or video file transferred to the email address above

If you have any questions, issue with the form, or want to discuss your application further
please contact