Here is the list of award-winning films at JIFF2023:

*Best Screenplay: "Wild Mind" written by Fujiyo Torikai
*Best Music Video: "Saturday Everyday" directed by Stephen David Brooks
*Best Music Video: "Monique Sonique" directed by Ingrid Heiderscheidt
*Best Short Film: "Third Wheel 晴れて成仏" directed by Kevin Haefelin
*Best Feature Film: "Indelible Memories/消せない記憶" directed by Shin Sonoda
*Special Jury Prize: "DUO/Two Souls" directed by Yuri Radkovski
*Audience Award: "Tsushima /対馬" directed by Takafumi Yamane
*JIFF2023 Grand Prize Winner: "Ghosts of the Chelsea Hotel" directed by Dany Garcia
Congratulations to all the winners!

最優秀脚本賞 「ワイルドマインド」 鳥飼富士雄
最優秀音楽ビデオ 「サタデイエブリデイ」 スティーブン・デイビッド・ブルックス
最優秀音楽ビデオ 「モニークソニーク」イングリッド・ハイダーシャイト
最優秀短編賞 「晴れて成仏」 ケヴィン・ヘフェリン
最優秀長編賞 「消せない記憶」 園田新
審査委員特別賞 「デュオ」 ユーリ・ラドコフスキー
観客賞 「対馬」山根高文
JIFF2023大賞 「ゴースト オブ ザ チェルシーホテル」 ダニー・ガルシア


2023 JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival Nominated Films:

Ones Left Behind - Rionne McAvoy
Tofu - Hiroyuki Nishiyama
the 10 Rooms - Tsukasa Kishimoto
Third Wheel - Kevin Haefelin
Tsushima - Takafumi Yamane
Ghosts of Chelsea Hotel - Daniel Garcia
Karish (Itch) - Mohammad Anwerzada
Indelible Memories - Shin Sonoda
Portrait of Consumption - Gillian Fortin
The Overkill - Joanna Tsanis
Let’s Make Blueberry Jam -Yusuke Hayamizu
Monique Sonique - Ingrid Heiderscheidt
Saturday Everyday - Stephen David Brooks
Walkin on the Ritz - James Velaise, Charlotte Teillard d'Eyry
Munching Dogs - Kanzo Kaga

JIFF 2023 Official Selection Films:

The Yesterday - Benita Vera von Sass
Tokyo Animals - Toshiki Yashiro
Happy Sandwich - Tsukasa Kishimoto

JIFF2023 Best Script Nominated

Twisted Fortune Cookies written by Al Jones
Wild Mind written by Fujio Torikai
Red Seuin written by Erik Sudberg
Black Cross written by Korea Black, Gianna Rose

Japan Indie Film Festival 2023 - An international independent film festival certified by the UK Raindance Film Festival. Will be held for two days on November 27th and 28th, at Daikanyama Theater Guild. 16 indie films carefully selected from submissions from all over the world will be screened.

Theater Guild in Daikanyama is the best movie theater in all of Japan but few people know about it. Super high tech. No screen. LED light bank for showing movies. It's beautiful!
Sofas and EZ chair recliners. There are no theater-style seats. There's no sound! Everyone gets their own headphones! It's a silent theater!
A theater that looks like the lobby of a 5-star hotel! Nice bar too! This place seems like the perfect place for a first date or even a proposal of course, it is the most awesome place in Japan to watch a movie!

See you at the JIFF 5th year Film Festival!

ージャパンインディーズフィルムフェスティバル2024ー 英国レインダンス映画祭認定のインディーズ国際映画祭 11月27、28日の2日間 全世界から応募の中から厳選のインディーズ作品を上映



BIG NEWS! A film that had its Asia Premiere at JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival in 2022 has won an Emmy for 2023! Huge Congratulations to John Alexander and Sharon Preston Folta for the 2023 Emmy Award for "Little Satchmo!"
Also congratulations to Tatsuro Manno for the theatrical screening of Storage Man. This film World-Premiered at JIFF!!!


2022 JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival Winners!
Best Script: "Isaac Newton" by Randall Palmer
Best Music Video: "Colours of Love" by Indrajit Nattoli
Best Short: "Storage Man" by Tatsuro Manno
Best Documentary: "Little Satchmo" by John Alexander
Audience Award: "Kaiju Girl" by Takafumi Sakabe
Honorable Mention Audience Award: "Un Ange Passe" by Natsuko Sagawa
Grand Prix Winner: "Update" by Yo Okazaki


JIFF Top 10 in Asia! 10 Best Film Festivals in Asia | Raindance Film School! JIFF Top 10 in Asia!:

7 Reasons To Submit to the Japan Indies Film Festival by Elliot Grove.


We are the official JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival.

The official JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival is a true independent international film festival supporting young talent around the world.

Creating dreams and hope through cinema is our vision. Returning Japan to the glory days of cinema for young filmmakers and independent artists the goal of the official JIFF Japan Indies Film Festival.

Our Jury includes some of Japan's top filmmakers and other famous filmmakers as well as industry leaders on the Arts as Jury members from around the world.

Jury Members:

*Suzanne Ballantyne - Jurist / Co-Founder / Vice President / Jurist - Program Director of Raindance

*Elliot Grove Jurist - Director / Writer / Founder Raindance

*Stephen David Brooks - Jurist / Director / Writer

*Hiroshi Matsumoto - Jurist / Founder of Fan Communications, inc. (E-Marketing company)

*Nikita Hattangady - Jurist / Director / Writer / head of programming with Indica Pictures

*Kenjo McCurtain- Jurist / Director / Writer

*Donie Ordiales - Jurist / artist /Director

*Catherine Scaillet Van Der Stappen - Jurist / music composer & producer

*Sheena Rogers - Jurist
Universal Vision Ltd.(JIFF)

Office Hours:
Weekdays 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturdays: 10:00 AM – 12:30 AM

Best Feature

Best Documentary Feature

Best Short

Best Documentary Short

Best Music Video

Best Script

Rules & Terms (Read carefully).

· Selected films must be in English or Japanese and subtitled. (Japanese language films must be dubbed in English and English language films must be subtitled in Japanese.)

· All Entries must include a press pack including a one-paragraph synopsis and short staff biography with a photo of director and producer for promotional use.

· All Entries must include a list of cast including high-quality photos for promotional use.

· All Entries, if selected for competition, not in Japanese language, must include Japanese subtitling, cost to be borne by Filmmaker.

· Every submission has to pick one main category.

· Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.

· All movie submissions/entries in English should be sent via FilmFreeway. ONLY films sent through FilmFreeway will be considered. Please do not send discs, or any downloadable files to us. The submission team will not view a film not officially submitted to us.

· All movie scripts should be sent via FilmFreeway.

· By entering festival, filmmaker agrees that The official Japan Indies Film Festival has the right to use any movie stills or promotional photos for The official Japan Indies Film Festival promotional purposes.

* Films made after January 2020 eligible

*Films must be in NTSC format.

*Features in theaters, TV, online streaming services, sales or distribution representation in Japan or winners in any Japanese film festival not eligible.

*If films are in Japanese, dialogue sheets are not necessary. Films in all other languages require dialogue sheets.

*Winners may get distribution offers in Japan (in airlines in-flight movies, theaters and Asia's biggest satellite TV network).

* We do not pay any screening fees.

*All music rights must be cleared through proper channels.

· Entries will not be returned

· Entry fees are non-refundable

* A project being Selected by the Selection Committee does not guarantee screening at the festival. Many factors can cause non-screening of projects, though we do our best to eliminate them.

* Scripts are not eligble for Raindance submission (Raindance does not accept scripts).

*Films Nominated for Oscars or Emmy's are not eligible.

*Rules are subject to change due to current circumstances.

* Please do not write to us asking for special considerations in submissions as we will not reply. (Excepting in the most extreme cases.)

Overall Rating

    JIFF is a relatively small film festival, but unlike other festivals I have seen, it was very intimate and comfortable.
    This time, out of more than 300 films submitted from all over the world, even a difficult film like mine was properly evaluated. I am very grateful to the festival.
    What I found most impressive was the festival's willingness to sincerely respond to the intentions of the filmmakers in terms of stage greetings and media coverage.
    It is not a big film festival, but I think it is a very attractive, sparkling, and wonderful film festival.

    December 2023
  • Very honoured indeed to have my music video 'She's So Spector-Esque' selected for this truly excellent film festival. Huge salutes and respect to all the team behind the Japan Indies Film Festival. I can't wait for next year's instalment!

    December 2023
  • Amazing event. We were honored to screen our film “The Ones Left Behind: The Plight of Single Mothers in Japan”

    December 2023
  • Natsuko Sagawa

    Thank you very much for choosing my film from the very many entries and for organising such a warm film festival at Daikanyama.
    I'm really appreciate it.It was a great opportunity to share my film with so many. I am truly humbled and honoured to receive an audience award for my film. I extend a thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who watched it.
    It makes me really happy that so many liked it.

    December 2022
  • I had a great moment through this event. That was an excellent opportunity to communicate with the founder, Mr. Mike Rogers, and other filmmakers.
    Also, this film festival has enthusiasm for sharing great films with the world.
    I definitely would like to attend every year.

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Kaiju Girl is brilliant film making!