The entries are open from 23 Jan 23 for the Third edition scheduled in April 23.
The winning entries get cash awards, mementos and certificates
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Highlights of previous editions

The very successful first two editions of Jammu Film Festival have elevated this international film festival into the top league of film festivals in North India. It is the only international film festival of Jammu region and enjoys support from cross section of society besides the film ecosystem in J&K.

The first two editions have seen attendance from personalities from Indian film industry like Yashpal Sharma, Kashmera Shah, Ayub Khan, Lalit Parimoo, Mir Sarwar, Ayaz Khan and Kapil Mattoo.

Note - From 3rd edition, Jammu film festival is adding Interactive formats as well like Virtual reality, 360 degree video, Augmented Reality. Rakesh Roshan Bhat, one of the festival directors has over 10 years of experience in AR, VR and other interactive formats in his professional career as Product management professional. The other judges for this format have similar and more experience in this field.

The uniqueness about Jammu Film Festival is the event. It is electrifying atmosphere.
The screenings are interspersed with Folk Songs and Dances, Workshops on acting and screenwriting, lip smacking local food and lot of tea conversations.

There was a scintillating after party too for both the editions

In first edition, over 160 entries from 17 countries were received. 37 shortlisted entries from 11 countries were screened over 2 days.
In second edition, over 130 entries were received from 21 countries. This edition expanded to Feature films too.

The festival is helmed by a very prominent and topmost theatre and cultural group of J&K called Vomedh. It is executed by a very efficient production and event company called RIFK entertainment. The festival directors Rakesh Roshan Bhat and Rohit Bhat are well known names in the world of theatre and events. They are also short film makers.
The entire team comprises of other film and tv personalities, event managers, technocrats and media professionals.

Why Jammu Film Festival
Jammu Film Festival represents the aspirations of the art and cinema loving people of Jammu to put Jammu on the world map of International film festival circuit. This annual film festival is being organized by Vomedh a non-profit organization in the beautiful city of temples, Jammu, India

In modern times, cinema has emerged as a key art form. Jammu and Kashmir has had a special connection with cinema and Bollywood. Bollywood has explored the scenic locations as well as the themes around Jammu and Kashmir for a long time. Jammu and Kashmir, also in turn has contributed a great deal to Indian cinema in terms of artists and technicians. However, the focus of this festival is to improve the connect more specifically between Jammu region and cinema. Jammu has tremendous potential in terms of natural beauty and scenic locations to be explored. The hospitality of the people of Jammu region is unparalleled and would be a key catalyst in helping this industry grow. Moreover, Jammu has immense talent to be tapped.

Jammu film festival is an attempt to provide a platform to bridge this gap between the industry and the resources available in Jammu.
Jammu has also given lot of gems to Indian film industry which includes gems like K L Saigal. Thus, Jammu Film Festival is also a tribute to such legends and their contributions.

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Awards & Prizes

Best Feature Film - Rupees 15,000/-
Best Short Film - Rupees 10,000/-
Best Documentary - Rupees 8,000/-


Official Festival Selection (for all selections)

Feature Films

• Best Film

• Best Director

• Best Actor

• Best Actress

• Best Editor

Short Films

• Best Film

• Best Director

• Best Actor

• Best Actress

• Best Editor

Music Videos
- Best Music Video
- Best Director


• Best Documentary

• Best Director Documentary

Special Recognition for Local talent (across categories)

PLEASE READ ALL THE RULES & TERMS CAREFULLY. Non adherence may lead to rejection without any explanation or communication.
Third Edition of Jammu Film Festival will be held from 7-9 April 2023
It is organized by Vomedh a very reputed non-profit organization of J&K. Vomedh has been at the fore front of revival of Art, theatre and culture in J&K for over 15 years now. Rakesh Roshan Bhat & Rohit Bhat, the founders of Vomedh are the Festival Directors who together have vast experience in Theatre, TV, Films and Cultural events.
Feature Films - over 100 minutes
Short Films & Documentaries - between 10 mins to 40 mins
Music videos - under 10 mins
Interactive formats - (Virtual reality, 360 degree video, Augmented Reality)

FORMAT: Feature, Documentary and Short Film could be shot on any professional camera (not on mobile). Mobile is allowed only in the category specifically mentioned. English subtitles are compulsory for languages other than English. However, exceptions will be considered only for local entries at the discretion of Festival Screening committee
A submission will be considered complete only after the DOWNLOAD IS ENABLED for the film's preview screener.
The screening committee will confidentially screen all the eligible entries for all the categories
This committee reserves every right to exclude submissions which are not in conformity with the objectives of the competition or which offend national feelings or likely to promote discrimination based on gender, caste, creed, religion or language.

Entries lacking sufficient technical qualities will also be rejected including the shorts from mobile category. The entries shall be judged on the basis of originality, craft, entertainment, and artistic quality, with least consideration for production cost. The subject and quality of screenplay will also be an important criterion

The short list and the winners would be judged by the empaneled judges for this edition.

The entries selected by the screening committee and the judges will only be eligible for final screening at the competition venue. However, the organizers don’t promise the screening of selected entry owing to the non-availability of timeslot or any other unforeseen factor
The final awards would be announced before the closing ceremony of the festival.

All entered films grant the Jammu Film Festival a non-exclusive limited use agreement to use selected portions of submitted films to use the following:
The Film’s title, the Film’s synopsis, photographs, trailers and other Publicity Deliverables, and any of the principal cast members’, director(s)’s, writer(s)’s, producer(s)’s, crew members’ names, voice, biographical information, and/or likeness, in the following media: Jammu Film Festival’s website, Social Media (including Twitter, Instagram, facebook, youtube), the printed festival film guide, the festival mobile app, radio, television and press releases throughout the universe, in perpetuity, without compensation, permission, or notification, solely for the purpose of advertising, publicizing, and promoting the Film Festival and the Film’s screening. for which the entrants are solely responsible.

Filmmakers fully retain all rights, title, and interest in their films and all Intellectual Property. Also, the organizers will be able to share the information with its publicity partners.

The films selected for final screening grants the festival right of up to five (non-commercial) screenings of the film across India and would be able to recommend the film(s) to the other festival(s) for consideration and/or competition or special screening.
Jammu Film Festival reserves the right to screen any submitted project in its sister festival TIFFS without any prior approval. The sole purpose of these screenings is to promote filmmakers and their work.
We will never show or screen your film without Informing you.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF AWARDS: Entrants must agree to acknowledge the official selection or award on the film itself if your work gets selected or wins an award
RETURN OF COPIES: Copies for the festival will be retained by the organizers' film archive for cultural, non-commercial, nonprofit festivals and archival screening in the future.

CANCELLATION/REJECTION: The core committee of Jammu Film Festival appointed by Vomedh reserves the right to cancel any submission or take any action against any breach of regulations or any misbehaviour disturbing the course of the festival and reserves all the rights to refuse or reject any registration/entry of any Documentary, feature or Short Film or persons or institutions.
If the film has more than one director, the team should nominate one of the directors as a key person for all communication.
Submission will only be considered valid after receiving all the required documents and the final screening copy of the Feature, Documentary or Short Film on or before the extended submission deadline and will be considered as the final entry.
The original submitter of the selected film will be notified by email by Feb 28, 2022. Please ensure that you have provided us with your correct/valid email. After notification of selection, the film may not be withdrawn from the festival under any circumstance.
We will not be able to offer any feedback to those films not accepted.
The film submission fee is non-refundable.
Results declared by the pre-selection committee and final juries will be treated as final and all the participants will abide by them. International winners will receive the award amount via online transfer which might take 30 days.
If the submitter is not the filmmaker/producer it is submitter's responsibility to convey the details to the filmmaker/producer/right holder within fifteen days of the email sent by the festival regarding the remittance process.
Failing to communicate might delay the remittance process and after 30 days festival reserves the right to cancel the remittance.
The communication will only happen on the email id provided at the time of submission unless requested to update the email id.
The winners will be informed regarding the additional documents required if any for award remittance, only after receiving the documents the remittance process will start.
For the winners who are not able to attend the festival, the certificates would be couriered to them. The courier fee (domestic / international) would be charged to them separately as applicable
Jammu Film Festival and its management including juries will not have any bindings to give any clarification or justification regarding the results to anyone.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The core committee of Jammu Film Festival appointed by Vomedh reserves the rights to make any changes in the rules and regulations or in the schedule of the competition. Dates and guidelines subject to change without prior notice.
By submitting your film to Jammu Film Festival you accept the terms and conditions mentioned.
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Overall Rating
  • O P Srivastava

    It is a festival run by local cine enthusiasts. Inspite of limited resources, the quality and the integrity is not compromised. My best wishes to the organisers.

    April 2023
  • Samir Thingbaijam

    Very Happy to be part of this festival and winning the Best Actress Award in the short film Eewai (The ripple). This is undoubtedly one of the best film festivals of recent times and well organised. Kudos to the entire team. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

    April 2023
  • Eklavya Sood

    The festival was very well planned and the films on showcase were very good.

    April 2023
  • I was honored to participate in this year's Jammu Film Festival! - 😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏

    April 2023
  • Dr Samir Srivastava

    Excellent film festival - feedback from all the cast and crew at People Productions Ltd.

    April 2023