Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival ( JAFF ) is a premier Asian film festival in Indonesia focusing on the development of Asian cinema. This festival not only contributes to introducing Asian cinema to a wider public in Indonesia, but it also provides a space for the intersection of many sectors such as arts, culture, and tourism.

Since its inception, JAFF has worked closely with NETPAC (Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema), a worldwide organization of 30 member countries. Headquartered in Colombo Srilanka, NETPAC is a pan-Asian film and cultural organization involving critics, filmmakers, festival organizes and curators, distributors and exhibitors, as well as educators. It is considered a leading authority in Asian cinema.

JAFF presents several awards to the best films in Asia such as Golden Hanoman Award, Silver Hanoman Award, NETPAC Award, Blencong Award, Geber Award, Jogja Students Film Award, JAFF-Indonesian Screen Awards to express the deepest appreciation for Asian cinema.

1. The Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival is presented by Yayasan Sinema Yogyakarta.

2. The Festival conducts a non-competitive, retrospectives and tributes sections for Asian films (production country, languages and/or nationality of the director). The selection committee decides which section a film can participate in.

3. Submission opens from February 1st to July 31th and there is no submission fee.

4. We accept features, shorts, documentaries, experimental and animation films on DCP or HD format. We do NOT screen films on DVD or Blu-ray.

5. Fill in the application form online through our website; be sure to submit the Entry Form, Preview Copy (we strongly encourage film submissions to provide an Online Secure Screener) of the film and the following materials for catalogue, website and the promotion of the film;

i. Synopsis
ii. Cast and Crew credits
iii. Technical Information (screening format, running time, sound, screen ratio, speed, language, subtitle)
iv. Dialog List in English (if available)
v. Biography and filmography of the director. (half page)
vi. Photograph of the Director - high quality
vii. 1 – 3 high quality still photographs from the film
viii. Festivals/Awards/Exhibitions - complete updated list
ix. Production Company/Sales Company/ Contact
x. Director's Statement and/or Curator’s comments (if available)
xi. Press Kit / reviews (if available)
xii. Film's website and link to the film's trailer.

6. Films must include English subtitles (except for those with no dialogue).

7. The Festival is responsible for the shipping charges of the prints both ways—except if the print is going onto another film festival. However, during the pandemic outbreak, we only receive films online via film form available on the festival website. Should there be any change in this constantly changing situations, we will notify the filmmakers with the most up-to-date news on the website.

8. Entry of films for the Festival implies acceptance of these regulations. The festival management reserves the right to regulate cases not circumscribed by these regulations.

9. In case your film is selected;

a. You will be contacted before the official press conference which will be take place in early October 2021.

b. Please kindly provide us the screening copy with English subtitles in the following formats:

i. Quicktime HD format, with the following technical specifications:
Codec: H264; Resolution: HD 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720; Data rate -for HD: 14000 kbps (for 1920 x 1080) or 12000 kbps (for 1280 x 720) to be uploaded via Google Drive or any other online platforms with password protection. - Quicktime HD H.264 is our main format and not all our screening venues are supported with DCP player.

ii. For any screening copy (DCP or HD) please send it to our festival via our FEDEX/DHL Account. We will send our account number together with the official invitation. (IMPORTANT: Please only send the copy screener, without any other documents).

iii. Films presented by the Festival must preferably arrive in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for local clearance not later than October 5th, 2021. Films will be returned within three weeks after the Festival to the destination as notified in the entry form.