"Promoting Comedy around the world" - Presented by the ITALIAN COMEDY CLUB, under the auspices of The CONSULATE GENERAL OF ITALY IN LOS ANGELES and in collaboration with the ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF CULTURE, the ITALIAN INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL celebrates and honors comedy and excellence in comedy around the world.

The Festival takes place in Hollywood, USA from April 1 to April 3 and It showcases Motion Pictures, Short Movies, Animation Comedies, Documentaries, full live Theatre Productions, Stage Solo Performances, Stand Up Comedy and Stage Readings from Artists around the globe.

“Audience Award”
“Best Comedy”
"Best Romantic Comedy"
"Best Comedy Drama"
“Best Comedy Short”
"Best Animation Comedy"
“Best on the web”

“Best Play”
“Best Solo Performance”
“Best Stand Up”

“Excellence in Comedy”
"Honorary Award"
"Social Comedy Award"

By submitting to the ICF – ITALIAN COMEDY FESTIVAL, you the submitter, understand that your submission, if selected, will be publicly displayed, broadcast, and/or digitally transmitted during the event. Stills, posters and/or short clips may also be used to promote the ICF events worldwide.

Video Category: Feature Films, Short Films, Animation, Documentary, Web

The Italian Comedy Festival showcases feature films, short films, TV/Web series from emerging talent and established filmmakers from around the globle. Videos selected to participate in the 2022 ICF ITALIAN COMEDY FESTIVAL will be shown in the section determined most appropriate by Festival programmers, in their sole discretion.

Stage Category: Stand Up Comedy, Solo Performance, Play (To be considered you must submit a taped performance)

Languages: All languages