IDTV FEST and Iron Dragon TV ActionFest is an international film festival devoted to the multiple facets of action cinema and now including ALL Genres. A festival that honors the men & women who bring the audience to the edge of their seats with incredible cinema. IDTVAF understands that it is not only the stars in front of the camera, but the crew behind the scenes that create this magical world, & dedicates the festival to them.

20,000 plus streaming contract through Iron Dragon TV/IDTVFlix
Film equipment courtesy of sponsors
Access to local Austin film talent for production purposes
Consultation with professional Stunt Choreographer

Best Overall Feature Film
Best Action Feature Film
Best Overall Short Film
Best Action Short
Best Action Feature Script
Best Action Short Script
Best Action Star, Feature
Best Action Star, Short
Best Action Team, Feature
Best Action Team, Short
Best Action Choreography, Feature
Best Action Choreography, Short
Best Action Cinematography, Feature
Best Action Cinematography, Short
Best Fight Scene
Best Action Fan Tribute Film
Best Action Animation Film
Audience Award

We are Accepting submissions for Feature Narrative and Documentary, Short Narrative and Documentary, Action Screenplays, Original Action Musical Scores, and Fan Tribute Films. All genres are welcome, as long as there are action sequences within the film. The festival programming staff will place your film in the appropriate category.

All entries will be judged on content, creativity, imagery, story, and skill of the filmmaking. Productions produced from 2015 to 2019 may be submitted. All films must be submitted in a digital format for consideration by the Selection Committee. PAL system is NOT accepted.

Films selected for the IDTV Action Fest will be announced no later than June 10, 2019.

Please notify us by email for any changes.

IDTV Action Film Festival is hereby granted the right to utilize footage and promotional materials supplied by the submitting agent from any film submitted and accepted film, video, or project for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. All accepted filmmakers agree that the IDTV Action Film Festival may use footage from their projects in order to promote the festival, their film or the IDTV Event via print, web and broadcast television. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless IDTV Action Fest, its vendors, sponsors and supporters from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

1. Foreign films must submit a version with English subtitles.
2. Films must not be available online (YouTube, streaming sites, Vimeo, etc).
3. Films must be no older than 4 years.
4. Selected films chosen MUST send correct digital format to be screened in the festival.
5. If a film is altered after the Final Deadline date, the film will be removed from programming.

For 2019, we are accepting submissions for two new award categories: BEST ACTION FAN TRIBUTE FILM and BEST ACTION ANIMATION

For Soundtrack/Song Submissions: Please submit either an electronic MP3. Sheet music is NOT required but can accompany the submissions if desired, although this would not affect the outcome of judgment.

Overall Rating
  • Rashawn Strife

    I liked this film festival. The movies I saw were good. It gave me a reason to visit Texas. Added bonus: I'm still in touch with the people I had exchanged contact info with.

    January 2020
  • Dilan Jay

    This festival is awesome! I didn't get to go but my film was in the festival and won!

    September 2019
  • Jason Fisher

    I am happy to have be a part of this.

    August 2019
  • Dylan Hintz

    This festival was incredible. Not only was Janelle and her team on point the entire weekend, but the quality of the content screened at this festival was off the chart. I was never disappointed by a single piece of programming on screen, and I was never bored in between showings.

    Everyone was super friendly. Best of all - the IDTV team brought in some amazing guests, including professional Mocap actors, stunt performers from local and abroad, and my personal favorite: The Japanese Stunt Team, action stars, and directors of the Friday night special U.S. premiere screening of RE:Born. I actually got to meet some of my heroes (Tak Sakaguchi and Yuji Shimomura) thanks to the hard work of the IDTV crew.

    It was an incredibly personable, warm and welcome event, where everyone was treated like family and invited to enjoy, discuss and learn more about film. An action-geek's DREAM!

    Three Cheers for the IDTV Action Fest! I'll be back next year.

    August 2018
  • John Smith

    I have entered a few contests but have never left any review. However, after my experience with IDTV, I decided to write my first ever one.

    This website is crammed full of festivals and it seems that new ones are cropping up every week. It can seem daunting and confusing to which ones to go for. Some film festivals on this website are here today and gone tomorrow. Other film festivals are poorly run, while others are just a cash cow project.

    Fortunately IDTV is not like any of those. It is a new genre-specific film festival and it is capably run by professional people that really care about what they do, clearly have a deep passion of the action genre and work hard to support, encourage and inspire all who enter their various competitions (for screenwriters and film makers alike). I definitely feel a part of the growing IDTV family. For sure I will be entering their screenwriting competition next year and then to fly out for the actual festival itself.

    I cannot recommend them highly enough.

    In my humble opinion, I see IDTV growing from strength to strength and being around for many-many years to come. I feel very honoured to have had my screenplay reach the finals and to have received an Honourable Mention and am now proudly including that in my list of accolades.

    September 2017