Welcome to the International Short Film festival FROM Guardian Angel 2, in Mali Idjos, Serbia. As before, this year will be held in the State of Art , from 25th to 27th August 2023.

Unlike the previous year's festival, in addition to the Roma theme, which makes it special, FROM will also include films dealing with universal theme of migration. In a society where many people are heading for a better future, there are too many who are being brought back, banished and disappointed. It is for this reason that we will dedicate the festival to the stories of the "exiles".as we want to see how our fellow filmmakers around the world think in these kind of situations.

This year, the film festival FROM, in addition to the competition program, will feature some of the works of the noted world directors in their revue, who dealt with these issues in their work.
Applications for this year's festival will be accepted until July.

The goal of the FROM festival is to highlight the different perceptions of the views of the Roma and the Roma community, as well as to contribute to a kind of paradigm shift in the Roma that have not yet used their social and cultural capital in the major community and other communities in the forefront of better understanding, And participation in society, "equal opportunities".
The FROM Film Festival will be the only film festival in the country that will show both domestic and foreign film's about the Roma theme within two day, also a movies which are social responsible.

This FROM in two competitive nights will feature a short film program from both selection, Serbia and the region, as well as abroad.

The best SHORT-FROM 2023.

The film must be with subject which include any of socially vulnerable groups, ROMA theme or with "Returnees" subjects, such as migrations, war or all of that but with hardship of global pandemic. We want to see what our fellow filmmakers think in this kind of tough situations and what is possible to create.
English subtitle.
No longer than 35 minutes.

Overall Rating
  • Alex Djordjevic

    Wonderful festival! Thank you so much for including my film!

    October 2020
  • Thank you very much, our film MY GYPSY ROAD got Grand Prix and we are really happy that our work was shared with the audience! It was an honor to be part of the festival. Wish you many more editions to come!

    September 2020
  • I wasn't able to attend, but according to the friends and colleagues that sent me all the best experiences about festival From - Returness, I'm hoping I'll get the chance to come in some of the next years and to be selected with new work!

    Thank you for selecting "Yasin", it was a really amazing thing for the small crew gathered around the film to get a chance to screen a documentary we made with our hearts.

    September 2019