- All entries include FEEDBACK on your first 10 pages
- All Finalists receive a prize thanks to ScreenReaders

From procedurals to pop culture and sitcoms to sci-fi, we live and breathe TV writing. We know it can be hard making your mark and know that many brilliant original TV scripts go unrecognised because they haven't yet built up the accolades that get people reading. The International TV Pilot Awards is a contest to help TV Screenwriters be awarded for their work, gain useful feedback and better their craft. No matter whether you're just starting out or have many scripts under your belt, we think great TV pilot scripts deserve to be rewarded!

All submissions include feedback on the first 10 pages of your script. We know that first impressions count and want to help you get your readers hooked. We provide 1-2 paragraphs of feedback on the first 10 pages, including what worked and where we think you can improve to show off your best work. Constructive and useful feedback is our top priority so all our readers are professional script consultants, editors, developers or TV writers. Feedback will generally be provided within two weeks of notification.

All Finalists and Winners will receive competition laurels in addition to their written feedback and a discount prize thanks to ScreenReaders - "Screenwriters helping Screenwriters":

FINALISTS: 50% Discount on screenwriting services
SEMI-FINALISTS: 25% Discount on screenwriting services
QUARTER-FINALISTS: 15% Discount on screenwriting services

"Sitting in a cold, dark room in front of your computer is less haunting when you know what your script's problems are and, more importantly, how to tackle them. That's where ScreenReaders come in." Visit myscreenreaders.com for information on the services ScreenReaders offer to help elevate your writing.

Screenplays may be entered in the following award categories:

- Best Half Hour Comedy Pilot
- Best Half Hour Drama Pilot
- Best Half Hour Genre or Hybrid Pilot
- Best One Hour Comedy Pilot
- Best One Hour Drama Pilot
- Best One Hour Genre or Hybrid Pilot
- Best Adult Animation Pilot
- Best Children's or Family Pilot

See entry category descriptions for further details.

Judging criteria:

Does this script genuinely make you want to keep reading? Does it hook you? Have you successfully set up your show? Does it instantly connect with the reader?

Does the story have an original premise or a fresh take? Does it moves the reader forward or take the reader on a journey? Is there a clear structure? If the story is non-linear, does it make sense? If it's comedy, is it funny?

Does the TV Pilot have a distinctive and original voice?

Does this script have clear characters who each speak in their own voice and match the tone of the story? Are the characters new or fresh and consistent through the script? Do you want to know what happens to them? Do you care?

Does this writer know how to use description and dialogue with attention to industry standard formatting?

1) All submissions must be PDF format. It is optional to include the writers name on the submission. Submissions are open to entrants worldwide.
2) If there is more than one writer, the entrant must have expressed permission from any other writer/s to enter the competition.
3) Submissions must be the original work of the entrant(s) and may not be based, in whole or in part, on any other fiction or nonfiction material, published or unpublished, produced or unproduced. Entries may, however, be adapted from the entrant’s (or entrants’) original work, however scripts featuring established fictional characters are not eligible.
4) Screenplays based on existing TV shows are not eligible.
5) All entries are non-refundable.
6) Entries will only be accepted in digital form and via FilmFreeway.
7) An entrant may submit more than one screenplay and each will require a seperate entry fee.
8) Substitutions, new drafts, revisions or re-writes will not be accepted after submission.
9) An entrant may submit an updated version or new draft of the same screenplay in the following season's competition if it is not selected as a winner in the current season.
10) The judges' decision is final.
11) All rights to the submitted work remain with the entrant.
12) By submitting, the entrant consents to be contacted by competition organisers in the future for marketing and feedback purposes, including to discuss further opportunities in relation to the submitted TV pilot
13) By submitting, the entrant consents for their name and project title to be published as a finalist or winner.

Overall Rating
  • Chelsey Raegen Knapp

    Thank you for giving my TV Pilot its first Semi-finalist status! I hope you guys come back for next year, the feedback provided was very encouraging and helpful.

    June 2023
  • Michaela Catherine Reilly

    I am honored to be selected as a quarter-finalist in the comedy pilot section! The feedback provided on the first 10 pages is very detailed and helpful. I'm excited to take these critiques and make my script even stronger. Thank you so much (:

    October 2022
  • Cristina Rodríguez

    Great, reliable and honest feedback!

    July 2022
  • Joey Maranto

    Thank you so much for the Semi-Final selection! Very excited to be part of the competition. Excellent communication and experience. The feedback was incredibly valuable. Look forward to being part of future competitions.

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations Joey! We can't wait to read your work in the future!

  • Thanks to everyone at the Internal TV Pilot Awards for including my Kat Killed My Cat pilot script in their festival.

    June 2022
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations Javier! Brilliant title, brilliant script!