International Social Justice Cinema Festival is aiming to show films that make us think, awaken our conscience, denounce injustice and reflect the social and cultural diversity of humanity. The festival aims to support the arts and to challenge preconceived ideas about diversity, women's rights, LGBT, mental health, religious minorities, ethnical issues, etc. The Human Rights and Social Justice Film Festival will celebrate its first year on December10th, 2017.

The International Social Justice Cinema Festival will take place in Washington DC on December 10th, 2017 at Washington DC Arts Center.

As well, this festival hopes to recognize the diversity of local, regional, national, and international LGBT communities. From documentaries to romantic-comedies the film festival provides a wide range of film exposure opportunities for our viewers.

Film Competition calls on all filmmakers, established or aspiring, to submit films addressing social justice in various ways to this unique festival. Diversity Festival is a key event that celebrates our incredible diversity. We look forward to bring diverse communities together to embrace cultural differences and discover shared understanding.

The film festival is dedicated to recognizing and honoring independent filmmakers around the world. By filmmakers for filmmakers, our goal is to promote the visions and voices of others in our community.

Audience members will receive a ballot to vote for their top 2 favorites from the program. The votes are counted at the end of each monthly film festival, with the public award given at the winning film announcement.

Awards & Prizes

Human Rights Award Short Film Section
International Human Rights Documentary Feature
International Human Rights Short Documentary
International LGBT Short Films
International Diversity Short Film Section
Best Women Director

All films must be about Human Rights, social justice and diversity issues;
The films must be subtitled in English;

If your film is selected in some cases you will have to send the film in digital format with high definition to the subtitles department;

The Festival will do international shows of the official section films on www.Uchange.TV with the aim to spread human rights themes on a monthly basis.

Not all the films will be screened on the screens in Washington DC, but those who will be of public interest, will be promoted on the Human Rights online platform www.Uchange.TV

Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of the rules that the organizers can display the films online and on screen. We want to develop a community of international filmmakers dedicated to human rights agenda and promote the best films of the month on the portal