**About the International Queer Film and Art Forum (IQFAF):**

The International Queer Film and Art Forum (IQFAF) stands as a vibrant celebration of creativity, diversity, and the profound impact of queer voices in the world of film and art. Founded by the visionary Robert Jerome Pagan, the driving force behind the Merced Queer Film Festival, IQFAF is dedicated to providing a global platform that transcends boundaries, fostering a sense of community, and amplifying the rich tapestry of queer narratives.

Our mission at IQFAF is to create a space where queer filmmakers and artists can not only showcase their work but also contribute to a global dialogue that promotes inclusivity, understanding, and social awareness. Through the lens of film and art, we strive to shed light on diverse experiences within the LGBTQ+ community and champion the importance of representation.

**Festival Structure:**
IQFAF unfolds in five dynamic quarters, incorporating four online events and culminating in a physical festival hosted in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The online events, accessible to all free of charge, feature screenings, insightful interviews, and live panels with prominent artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Submissions for these events are welcomed through the FilmFreeway platform.

The prestigious physical festival in Las Vegas serves as the grand culmination, hosting a competition showcasing the winners from the online events. Only those who have triumphed in an online festival or an affiliated event created by Robert Jerome Pagan are eligible for screening at this grand finale.

IQFAF boasts a distinguished jury consisting of Academy and IQFAF members. Membership to these esteemed bodies is appointed by Robert Jerome Pagan, a commitment to curate a panel that brings forth diverse perspectives and expertise. Additionally, members of the executive committee, essential for planning and executing IQFAF events, must gain approval from Robert Jerome Pagan to be seated.

**Submission Fees and Funding:**
IQFAF sustains itself through submission fees, which are to be paid by all submitters. In line with our commitment to community support, members of the MQFF Academy enjoy a 25% discount on submission fees for each festival. Submission funds, managed at the sole discretion of Robert Jerome Pagan, are earmarked to offset operational costs, ensuring the continued success and growth of IQFAF.

In essence, IQFAF is more than a festival; it's a movement, a celebration of queer expression and a testament to the power of storytelling. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we continue to push boundaries, challenge norms, and elevate the voices that enrich the narrative of the LGBTQ+ community.

Exciting Opportunities for IQFAF Quarter Winners!

At the International Queer Film and Art Forum (IQFAF), we believe in celebrating the outstanding talents within the queer community. Each Quarter Winner in our festival will not only earn the recognition they deserve but also enjoy exclusive benefits that enhance their experience:

YouTube Interview and Exposure:

As a Quarter Winner, you will be featured in an engaging interview on our YouTube platform, providing you with a unique opportunity to share insights about your work, artistic journey, and the inspiration behind your creation.
Certificate of Excellence:

IQFAF takes pride in acknowledging excellence. Every Quarter Winner will receive an official Certificate of Excellence, recognizing their exceptional contribution to the world of queer film and art.
Entrance to the Physical Festival:

Enjoy the spotlight at the grand IQFAF Physical Festival in Las Vegas! Quarter Winners gain automatic entrance, giving you the chance to showcase your work in a prestigious competition alongside other talented creators.
Winning Laurel:

Stand out as a winner with our exclusive laurel, a symbol of your artistic achievement. Display it proudly to signify your recognition as one of the exceptional talents of IQFAF.
Invitation and Discount for Merced Queer Film Festival:

Embrace broader opportunities! IQFAF Quarter Winners will receive a special invitation and an exclusive discount for the Merced Queer Film Festival—an excellent chance to network, engage, and expand your presence in the queer film community.

Virtual Screening Option:

Winners have the exciting option to virtually showcase their winning film. This means additional exposure for your work, reaching audiences beyond the physical festival, and extending the impact of your artistic expression.

Entry into IQFAF 2025 Physical Festival:

Your journey doesn't end here! Quarter Winners will automatically be entered into the prestigious IQFAF 2025 Physical Festival, providing an ongoing platform to share your creativity with a wider audience.
At IQFAF, we are not just a festival; we are a community that nurtures and uplifts queer voices. Join us in this journey of celebration and empowerment. Submit your work, and let your art shine!

**Submission Rules for the International Queer Film and Art Forum (IQFAF):**

In order to maintain the integrity and focus of the International Queer Film and Art Forum (IQFAF), we have established the following submission rules to ensure that the content showcased aligns with our mission and vision:

1. **Queer-Created or Queer-Centered:**
- Submissions must be either created by individuals who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community or must prominently feature queer themes, characters, or perspectives. We aim to celebrate and amplify the voices within the queer community.

2. **Content Criteria:**
- Films and artworks submitted must explore, engage, or represent the queer experience in a meaningful way. This includes, but is not limited to, themes related to identity, love, acceptance, and societal challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community.

3. **Production Date:**
- Submissions must have been created after the year 2013. We seek to showcase contemporary works that reflect the current landscape and narratives within the queer community.

4. **Submission Platform:**
- All submissions must be made through the designated submission platform, FilmFreeway. Ensure that your submission adheres to the technical specifications outlined by the platform.

5. **Submission Fees:**
- Submission fees are mandatory for all entries. These fees contribute to the operational costs of IQFAF. Details on submission fees and payment methods can be found on the FilmFreeway platform.

6. **MQFF Academy Members Discount:**
- Members of the MQFF Academy are eligible for a 25% discount on submission fees for each festival. Please provide valid membership details during the submission process to avail of this discount.

7. **Language and Subtitles:**
- Submissions must be in English or include English subtitles. This ensures that our diverse audience can fully engage with and appreciate the content.

8. **Originality and Copyright:**
- All submissions must be original works, and submitters should hold the necessary rights and permissions for the content. Plagiarism or unauthorized use of copyrighted material is strictly prohibited.

9. **Compliance with Local Laws:**
- Submissions must comply with all relevant local laws, including but not limited to those pertaining to obscenity, defamation, and copyright infringement.

10. **Notification of Acceptance:**
- Submitters will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their submissions in a timely manner. Further instructions regarding the screening process and participation in IQFAF events will be communicated to accepted entries.

By adhering to these submission rules, we aim to curate a festival program that reflects the vibrant and diverse narratives within the global queer community. Thank you for contributing to the success of the International Queer Film and Art Forum.