The 'International Fortean Film Festival' is run by filmmakers and people with a passion for all things weird and paranormal, for filmmakers and people with a passion for all things weird and paranormal...


We are non-elitist and non-political, and welcome entries from all Fortean filmmakers around the globe irrespective of age or experience.

It is a multi-level award festival with opportunities to receive award laurels for OFFICIAL SELECTION, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, and WINNER in each category.

The 'Judge's Award for Best of Show' will be presented alongside a 'Certificate of Excellence' in Filmmaking and/or Fortean Studies to the submission which they deem to be the overall best entrant in the festival.

There will also be an 'Audience Choice Award' which attendees of the live event will be able to vote for in-person.


Fortean - /ˈfôrdēən/ /ˈfɔrdiən/

1) A subject of the unexplained, unknown, paranormal, supernatural or strange/anomalous phenomena.
2) Of or relating to 'Charles Fort' (6th August 1874 – 3rd May 1932); he was an American writer and researcher who studied anomalous phenomena.

1) A person who studies and investigates the unexplained.


There are many perks to submitting your project to the 'International Fortean Film Festival', which include: -

A guarantee that your project will be viewed and judged by an international panel of industry professionals from the world of film and television, from both in front and behind the camera, with a wealth of connections to numerous main-stream television networks, distributors and media outlets.

This is an IMDb approved festival.

We are the sister event of the 'MegaFlix Film Awards'.

FREE SUBMISSION for the category of 'Best Film Poster/Press Kit'.

Guaranteed free publicity for all official selections via our social media platforms.

The potential for publicity through interviews on established genre-specific YouTube channels and podcasts, as well as the possibility of being interviewed by the prestigious 'Fortean Times' magazine.

The potential for reviews to be published in a range of media forms with a range of media outlets.

A non-elitist approach which will offer constructive feedback to every submission.

Bespoke selection and award laurels, with the chance to obtain a ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

A great opportunity to network with industry professionals and have your project catch the eyes of international distributors.


The event will begin with the opening première screening on the evening of Friday 27th August, followed by a full day of film screenings on Saturday 28th August. The awards and winners will be announced after midday on Sunday 29th August, right here on FilmFreeway, the official website of the Fortean Film Festival, (and also on social media).

The categories include; movie (short), documentary (short), movie (feature), documentary (feature). Short submissions are less than 45 minutes in duration; feature submissions are more than 45 minutes in duration. Additional categories may be added for trailers, specific genres (such as science-fiction, horror, comedy, action, etc), soundtracks, music videos, audio effects, visual effects, cinematography, animation, directors, producers, actors/actresses, TV shows, webisodes, or others depending on the submissions received.

Live screenings will be held annually at physical locations in the United Kingdom; however, in any such event that a lock-down may impact the in-person live event, there will be provisions made for an online alternative as a contingency measure to ensure the festival definitely takes place.



James "Bobo" Fay

Affectionally known as "Bobo", James is a world famous 'squatcher, member of the BFRO, and star of Animal Planet's hit TV show 'Finding Bigfoot'. He is a passionate cryptozoologist, paranormal investigator, TV presenter, and also has acting credits to his name. As his nickname would suggest, he is a hardcore science-fiction buff and his passion, love and knowledge of the genre are rarely matched.

Dr. David Sutton

David is the editor of 'Fortean Times', the world's foremost journal of strange phenomena, with approximately 14,000 readers each month; he has edited a number of other Fortean publications, and has also written on film and cinema, as well as Fortean subjects for numerous other publications. He has a doctorate in Film History, and worked for many years at the British Film Institute. He is the author of 'A Chorus of Raspberries: British Film Comedy 1929-1939'.

Doug Hajicek

Doug is a TV producer who has also pioneered new scientific advancements in the field of cryptozoology. His smash-hit TV series 'MonsterQuest' aired on the History Channel, and he was not only responsible for leading the research team that first recorded footage of a living giant squid in its natural habitat, but also for designing and building a bespoke camera system for the task.

Sapphire Sandalo

Sapphire is an animator, illustrator, and podcaster in Los Angeles. She created the popular ghost story webseries and award-nominated podcast 'Something Scary', and now runs the webseries and the award-winning podcast 'Stories With Sapphire'. She is a recurring paranormal expert on 'Paranormal Caught On Camera' and 'Paranormal Nightshift' on the Travel Channel.

Susan Slaughter

Susan is a paranormal expert, TV presenter and actress who openly identifies as a witch. She has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows, including 'Ghost Hunters International' on the SyFy Channel and 'Paranormal Caught On Camera' on the Travel Channel. Aside from her paranormal endeavours, Susan has a love for the dramatic arts on stage, and not only excels in musical theatre, but also in costume design and stage direction.

Matt Everett

Matt is an award-winning film director and video editor. He has over 150 international broadcast credits to his name and has worked globally in various production roles. He works for UK Channel 'Property TV' and is also the owner of 'Dragonfly Films'. Specialising in documentary production, he has made many gritty independent documentaries about survival, adventure, culture, travel, mythology, the paranormal, and unsolved mysteries.

Matt Salusbury

Matt is a freelance journalist and author who has written for numerous publications including the 'Fortean Times', 'History Today', and 'The Guardian'. He has worked with the CFZ on several of their international expeditions, and also wrote the book 'Pygmy Elephants'. He has a strong interest in history, as well as strange phenomena, and is typically the Fortean Times' 'go-to' guy for writing articles about alien/anomalous big cats.

Neil Gregory

Neil is a video editor, journalist and the host of the 'We Needed Roads' podcast, which is dedicated to discussing and reviewing films and movies, and the motion picture industry. He has had articles and written film reviews published, and is attuned to high production values and standards of quality. He is an avid and passionate fan of comic books and the genre of science-fiction, and works regularly for UK Channel 'Property TV'.

Jon Downes

Jon is a folklorist, historian, cryptozoologist, ufologist, lecturer and author. He is the director of the 'Centre for Fortean Zoology' (CFZ) and has worked on numerous television broadcast productions, including work for the BBC and ITV in the United Kingdom. He produces his own online TV show 'On the Track (of Unknown Animals)', but is also known for his writing and literary works.

Carl Marshall

Carl is a cryptozoologist with a specialist background in entomology. He is credited with discovering scientifically-verified evidence of big cats living wild in Britain that was published as a peer-reviewed piece in the journal 'Animals & Men'. Carl is the assistant director of the CFZ and has a broad interest in all aspects of zoology, cryptozoology and sceptical paranormal investigation. He is also known for developing a new system of classification for sightings of sea serpents.

Dr. Darren Naish

An author, palaeontologist and scientist, Darren is an expert in ancient species and the geological past, with specialist interests ranging from dinosaurs to big cats. He has featured in and worked on numerous television productions, including work for the BBC, the History Channel and Dragonfly Films. He is a keen fan of science-fiction literature, television and movies.

Lee Roberts

Lee is a ghost-hunter, paranormal investigator, TV presenter and producer. He stars on Mindscape TV, the Travel Channel's ‘Paranormal: Captured’, ‘Paranormal Survivor’, and the UK TV show ‘The Hauntings’. He has starred in several feature films, and also founded the company 'Haunted Events UK' which offers the ultimate paranormal experiences at the most haunted locations in Britain.

It is a multi-level award festival with opportunities to receive award laurels for OFFICIAL SELECTION, BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, and WINNER in each category.

The 'Judge's Award for Best of Show' will be presented alongside a 'Certificate of Excellence' in Filmmaking and/or Fortean Studies to the submission which they deem to be the overall best entrant in the festival.

There will also be an 'Audience Choice Award' which attendees of the live event will be able to vote for in-person.

Entrants are responsible for ensuring that any material submitted is appropriately licensed for use and public screening.

All films submitted must be in English or have English subtitles included.

Films submitted must have been completed after 1st January 2016, and must also be delivered in HD.

We will accept links to online versions of your film. You may enter a password protected link for Vimeo, or an unlisted/private link for YouTube when completing the submission form via FilmFreeway. Links must remain active for the duration of the festival.

All entrants must consent to having their work downloaded.

All films which are officially selected will be scored by the judging panel, but not all selections are guaranteed to be screened at the live event. If you would definitely like your film to be screened, you are encouraged to notify the festival organisers by emailing or using the contact form at when you complete your submission.

The Fortean Film Festival reserves the right to disqualify a submission, without refund of any kind, if eligibility requirements are not met including if eligibility status changes post-submission.

All entries selected into the Fortean Film Festival grant the Fortean Film Festival the right to use any footage from the preview screener and all material included in their submission for promotional purposes, without limitations.


Completed submission form, submitted electronically via FilmFreeway.

For best chance of selection entrants should aim to include a poster for their film, an electronic press kit, and a trailer (where possible); as well as a link to a secured online screener for your film that is accessible for the duration of the festival.

Ensure that entry fees are paid; these are non-refundable.