26. International Film Festival ZOOM - ZBLIZENIA (06 - 12.03.2023, Jelenia Góra) is one of the largest and most important independent cinema festivals in Poland. Its aim is to present the author's cinema, ambitious, high artistic value, moving independent and original subject matter, as well as promotion of independent film art.
Within the festival are held: international film contests, non competition screenings (best movies of the last season), open meetings with famous filmmakers, silent cinema with live music.
The Local Community Centre (Osiedlowy Dom Kultury) in Jelenia Góra, is the official organizers of this event.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, we would like to inform you that the Russian films which will be submitted to the 26. IFF ZOOM-ZBLIŻENIA 2023 will not be eligible for competitions.

The following Main Prizes will be presented:
The prize for best fiction film of PLN 5,000
The prize for best documentary film of PLN 5,000
The prize for best animated film of PLN 5,000
The prize for the best animated film for children of PLN 3,000
commendations and special prizes in each contest.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, we would like to inform you that the Russian films which will be submitted to the 26. IFF ZOOM-ZBLIŻENIA 2023 will not be eligible for competitions.

Rules & regulations:
I. With in the 26. International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA 2023, four international contests will be held:



3. SHORT ANIMATED FILM (up to 30 min)


II. Film contests 1-3 (short fiction, short documentary, short animated film) will be held from 6 to 12.03.2023 in Jelenia Góra, Poland. Film contest short animated film for children in the age 7-12 will be held 7.03.2023.

III. The main idea of the festival is the presentation of ambitious cinema, with a high artistic value, taking independent and original themes. There are no restrictions on themes and topics.

IV. Submitted films in fiction, documentary and animated film contests should be made in 2021 – 2022. Short animated film for children in the age 7-12 should be made in 2019 - 2022

V. One movie can be submitted only to one of contests organized during the Festival. The same film submitted to several contests will be disqualified.

VI. Art schools, film schools, production companies, film institutions, independent artists and other entitled may submit films to the competition.

VII. Films should be submitted to the selection by ONE chosen by the author way:
a) www.zoomfestival.pl (SUBMIT A FILM button)
b) by the submiting platform Festhome
Please DO NOT SUBMIT films by both websites.

VIII. All non-Polish films (except films made in english language) must include English subtitles.

IX. The authors of films made in Polish and qualified for the competition are obliged to send a copy with subtitles in english. The selection copy does not have to have subtitles. Broadcast copies must contain subtitles inserted into the image.

X. Deadline for submissions 18.09.2022.

XI. The only exceptions are student films that can be submitted by the registration form on our website www.zoomfestival.pl by 16.10.2022.

XII. The contestants will be informed about the results of qualification on the Festival’s official website www.zoomfestival.pl by 9.12.2022.

XIII. The authors of films qualified to the competition are obliged to send by 31.12.2022:
a) 3 film shots (resolution 300 dpi)
b) a projection copy of qualified film to the following address: zoom.maincontest@gmail.com

In case the failure to meet the deadline for sending projection copy which is 31.12.2022, the film will be disqualified.

In the case of sending the data storage device with the film to the festival office by regular mail, the date of postmark determines.

XIV. Films qualified to the contests can be projected in the following formats:
- short fiction film, short documentary film, short animated film: DCP, blu-ray, mp4 HD, mov.
- short animated film for children: mp4 HD, mov.

In case of a projection copy on DCP carrier the author is obliged to send the backup copy of the film in mp4 HD format for the promotional purpose.

XV. Projection in other formats needs an earlier agreement with the organizers.

XVI. The films qualified to the contests of fiction, documentary and animated film will be evaluated by three independent, professional Jury established by the organizer.

1. Jury shall grant the Main Prize for the best fiction, best documentary, best animated film of PLN 5,000 as well as distinctions and special prizes. Main prize for the best film of the short animated film for children competition in the amount of PLN 3,000 will be given by the children's audience.
2. The Jury and the organizer have the right to change the division of the prizes or not to give any.
3. The condition of receiving a financial or in-kind reward is the presence of the film's author at the award ceremony. Only honorable prizes will be sent to the absent authors.
4. The author may delegate a person representing him/her during the festival and the awards ceremony, which he should inform the organizer in writing before the festival begins.

XVII. The official ending of the festival, announcement of the contests’ results, and the award ceremony will take place on 11.03.2023 (Saturday evening).

XVIII. The costs of hotel accommodation (in double rooms, accommodation with breakfast) during the competition, i.e. between 8-12.03.2023 and participation in festival events for 2 people from the crew of each qualified film will be covered by the organizer.

Full rules and regulations for each contest you can find at: www.zoomfestival.pl in the tab COMPETITION

In case of any question please contact us via e-mail: zoom.maincontest@gmail.com

Overall Rating
  • Katarzyna Mazurkiewicz

    Great festival connecting people with passion! It was an honor to be a part of this year's edition :)

    March 2022
  • Zoom was after a long time a Festival I could attend personally! So I was very happy to be there! It's a fine, small Festival with a great guest support and possibilities to meet other international and polish filmmakers. And Jelenia Gora and its surroundings is worth a visit anyway!

    October 2021
  • Marina Oriente

    Thank you for selecting BODY, it was a pleasure to take part on the festival!

    August 2018
  • david mcnulty

    A FANTASTIC festival, in a beautiful location up in the mountains that fosters a community spirit with the film makers who attend. The programming was of a very high quality - humbled to have screened A Film On Film in such a great selection of films. Thank you ZOOM ZBLIZENIA!

    June 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much David, it was pleasure to meet you and hope to see you soon with another movie !! :)

  • karolina nieduza

    High-quality film festival, vibrant atmosphere, and great Polish hospitality
    thank you very much

    April 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank You very much Karolina!:)