Nicobis, media center for new ideas organizes the Sixtheen International Festival of Audiovisual Productions for Children and Adolescents, to be held in Bolivia, from 10th to 16th of October 2022.
The Festival aims to promote and promote quality audiovisual productions for children and adolescents, generating a space for reflection and an exchange between them and at the same time to encourage children and adolescents to make their own audiovisual productions.
Likewise, the idea is to create a national and international network to disseminate educational audiovisual productions for children and adolescents from different countries and continents.
This year, we want to place a special emphasis on rethinking virtuality and how technology has impacted children and adolescents in our country and our region, especially during the pandemic.

National and international works can participate in the following categories: Fiction, Documentaries, Animation, T.V Series and works produced by children and adolescents.
Materials – video, cinema and TV productions - produced as from 2016 will be accepted, regardless of whether the productions are short, medium-length or full-length and regardless of whether they have already participated in other festivals.

The works must comply with the following requirements for being shown:
• Focus on children and adolescents
• Send two discs, one must be a DVD format (NTSC) and the second must have the movie on DATA (.mpg o .mov)
• The works must be spoken, dubbed or subtitled in Spanish
• In case of a series, two chapters can participate in the competition, chosen by the autor
• The works must be copied in high quality for ensuring projection in excellent conditions
• Send two stills or photographs from the movie, for its inlcusion on the catalogue
• Send the work registration form to the mail of the festival:, and one printed copy along with the DVD

The festival will have two kinds of juries, whose decisions are final and unappealable.
The first jury will be made up of children – both boys and girls – and adolescents. This jury will grant one prize to the best work.
• “Kolibrí Infantil” prize awarded by children

The second jury will be made up of three acknowledged and prestigious Bolivian and/or foreign directors and/or experts, who will award prizes in the following categories:
• “Kolibrí” prize for the best work of fiction
• “Kolibrí” prize for the best documentary
• “Kolibrí” prize for the best work of animation
• “Kolibrí” prize for the best television production
• “Kolibrí” prize for the best work produced by children or adolescents

Some categories could be declared desert and the jury can grant special mentions in the different categories.

Inscriptions are free and open until 31th of August 2022.
Participants are required to send the work registration form, along with all the requirements settled before.
All the works must be made FOR children and adolescence, or made BY them.
We only accept works with SPANISH subtitles, or doubled to spanish

Overall Rating
  • Mallivi Melo

    Es un festival que fomenta la creación infantil y reconoce la importancia de la presencia de los niños, niñas y adolescentes en el mundo cinematográfico. Todo estuvo magnífico.

    December 2022
  • Great festival and good people!
    We are very honoured to have been selected.

    November 2022
  • Kaliteli bir film festivali çok ilgililer

    November 2022
  • truly a meaningful opportunity and platform!

    October 2022
  • A Great film festival! I was delighted that my short, animated film 'Clowning Around' was selected for screening here!

    October 2022