Mogilev State Enterprise «Kinovideoprokat» respectfully informs You that the XXVI International Festival of Animation Films «Animaevka-2023» will be held in Mogilev (The Republic of Belarus).

Over the period of its existence, the Festival has become a holiday of animation for children and adults. There are events in every regional center of Belarus.

There are demonstrations of competitive and out-of-competition programs, creative meetings with the producers of animation films, classes, exhibitions of children’s fine arts and decorative-applied arts for the audience.

The program of the Festival includes:
- contest of animation films;
- contest of children's animation films;
- contest of children’s fine arts and decorative-applied arts.

The following competitions are held within the framework of the festival:

animated films (authors from 18 years and older can participate) in the following categories:

- "Best animated film of the festival" (Grand Prix);
- "Best animated film for children";
- "Best animated film for adults";
- "Best experimental animated film festival";
- "Best artistic design";
- "Best screenplay of the animated film festival"
- "Best Director of animation film festival"
- "Best background music of the animation film festival"
- "Best debut";
- "Best student film";
- "Best Belarusian animated film";
- "Best civil-patriotic animated film".

Children and young people under the age of 17 inclusive can participate in the competition. The age of participants is determined on the date of the festival. In the following categories:
- "The youngest creator of an animated film";
- "Best Screenplay";
- "Best Sound Solution for an Animated Film";
- "Most Informative Animated Film";
- "The kindest animated film";
- "Best Animated Film";
- "Best Belarusian animated film";
- "The best civil-patriotic animated film";
- "Best Animated Film Artist".

fine arts and crafts (children and youth from 5 to 17 years old inclusive) can participate in the following categories:

“Fine art” (age groups: 5–10 years, 11–17 years);
“Decorative and applied art” (age groups: 5–10 years, 11–17 years).

1. Сontest of animation films:
2. Contest of children's animation films:
3. Contest of children’s fine arts and decorative-applied arts
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