International Animation Film Festival - Gdansk 2022 - promoting short and feature animations from around the globe.

I. Best Short narrative animation
II. Best Animated music video
III. Best Experimental / contemporary animation
IV. Best Short animation for kids
V. Best animated feature narrative



Film Competition will be held in Gdansk (Poland), as a part of International Animation Film Festival – Gdansk 2022 (the Festival). The competition is open for professional creators, film school students and independent filmmakers. Competition is made up of main 5 sections:

I. Short narrative animation
II. Animated music video
III. Experimental / contemporary animation
IV. Short animation for kids
V. Best animated feature (full lenght)


a) Movie should be produced after 1. January 2020


a) By applying for the competition Submitter accepts the public presentation of the film at the Festival presentations and special after-festival shows promoting Festival

b) The copyrights of the film must not be limited and must not infringe the copyrights of others. If not, Submitter should attach the statement specifying the legal situation of the film.

c) The person signing the entry form (Submitter) will be considered as the only one speaker to treat aspects related to the participation of the movie in the event and the only representative of all individuals or companies who took part in the production of the movie.

d) For promotional and information purposes related to the event, the festival will be able to use and publish provided materials (stills, posters, cards, script excerpts, press info, etc.). Submitter accepts broadcasting in TV stations and at festival website fragments of the movie (no more than 30 sec. of the time of the film), movie trailers and/or movie teasers.


a) The work (movie) will be selected by the pre-qualification committee appointed by the Organizer. In special cases the committee may depart from certain criteria (e.g. year of construction, the duration of the film). The Commission may also qualify movie for another category than Submitter stated in Entry form.

c) Film will be awarded in the categories listed on the festival website

d) Awards may be granted by Jury, Organizers, Festival Audience and other persons connected with culture & media.

e) The festival statue is honorary and does not represent value for money.


Every change of rules & regulations will be published at festival website.

If the Submitter does not agree with changes – may withdraw the movie from the contest.

Overall Rating
  • Piret Sigus

    Thank you for selection. And thank you for the great surprise of Best Kids Film award for The Turnip!

    November 2022
  • Avid Liongoren

    Nice folks, really cool festival :)

    October 2021
  • Gisela Chicolino

    A necessary event for the audience and for the directors. With exquisite programming that is strengthened year after year. Thank you for selecting our movies!

    February 2021
  • Michael Lyons

    Professional quality event with a diverse range of animation works. It was a pleasure to contribute!

    May 2016